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Graduate Program - Why Signet?

Signet is a growing and ever expanding company that can offer many opportunities to graduates.

The Signet Graduate Program has been employing university graduates for over a decade and we have seen many graduates grow their careers through our business.

We believe the beauty of the Signet program is that we can offer our graduates a taste of different disciplines through a tailored program. Unlike many other graduate programs, we wont lock you into a chosen path at the start, you are free to make your own way. There are also a number of perks that you get to experience and take advantage of.

The Perks:
  • All graduates receive an external training budget to be used on any training they believe will give them the skills to further their career.
  • Access to Signets corporate membership with the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Institute of Marketing.
  • Four Graduate Conferences: Mind/Body/Wallet, Leadership, Career Planning and Goal Setting
  • Core training modules including: negotiation skills, team building, business etiquette and time management.
  • Working in a fun and rewarding organisation with a great culture.