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tesa Packaging and Industrial Tapes

With over a century of experience, tesa delivers adhesive tape products with a proven performance history. tesa’s expert advice and technical knowledge make it easy to choose the best adhesive tape solution for your business. Signet’s range of tesa tapes benefit customers in the construction, transport and automotive industries, just to name a few.

tesa® Cloth Tape

tesa® Double Sided Tape

tesa® Foam Tape 

Cloth tape is known by many names in different industries – whether it be duct tape, gaffer tape, 100 mile per hour tape or military tape, it offers strong holding power and resistance to tears, abrasion and water. From bundling and masking to repairing and fixating, this versatile tape will do the job.

tesa offers an extensive range of high-performance double sided tapes, both removable and permanent, for a wide range of industrial applications. The range encompasses a variety of adhesive and backing combinations to tackle even the most challenging application.

tesa’s comprehensive range of high-performance single-sided foam tapes are designed for a wide range of sealing applications, as well as noise and vibration damping. Widely used across transportation, enclosure, marine, concreting, construction and glazing.

tesa® Masking Tape

Also known as Painter's tape, tesa’s range of masking tapes are designed for clean and crisp paint edges, while at the same time being easy to use and removable without leaving behind residues.

tesa® Packaging Tape

Whether for light or heavy duty cartons, or marking and colour coding applications, tesa’s range of packaging tapes was designed to ensure peace of mind and security of shipments under all conditions.

tesa® Electrical Tape

This range of tape was designed to electrically insulate joints and splices in wire and cables. Made from a plasticised PVC and flame retardant, these tapes comply with AS 1621.3

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