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Silicone Accessories

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Silicone Accessories

Silicone accessories are strong, lightweight and can easily dispense a range of sealant cartridges. With the ergonomic shape and a decent strength ratio, you will have no trouble applying sealants and other adhesives. At Signet our range is designed to meet the highest industrial and commercial standards.

Use Industrial Adhesives to Strongly Bond Materials Together

Industrial adhesives are a great solution to bond materials together in a strong manner. Explore our range of adhesive materials, compatible with our silicone accessories.

Secure Goods with Reliable and Strong Tape

To secure goods closed and keep items in place, use sturdy and strong packaging tape. There is a wide range of packaging tape and adhesive options available at Signet from waterproof, warning tape, paper tapes and more options to find the perfect solution for you.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Browse our range of: eco-friendly, ecommerce, cold chain, mailroom and shipping solutions as well as our:

Signet’s wide range of packaging materials can assist with every business solution - such as protective packaging and strapping supplies. If you're looking for a specific packaging solution, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us to discuss your needs.

Even if you're looking for non-packaging related products such as Safety & PPE, Marking & Aerosol Sprays, Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies and even Site or Office Supplies, Signet has got you covered.

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