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Airbag machinery is a unique way to create cost effective void fill that will help ensure your products arrive in the best possible condition, when packaged. The Sealed Air Fill-Air Rocket™ has been developed with years of best- in- class void fill knowledge. To best determine whether an airbag machine is right for your business, take a look through some frequently asked questions below.

1. What size is the airbag machine?

  • The Fill-Air Rocket™ is a small, cost effective void fill machine which can be easily used as part of an existing packaging line set up or desk environment. The Fill- Air Rocket ™ weighs in at 17kg, so it can be easily transported and repositioned to where it is required. Being able to reposition the Fill-Air Rocket™ helps to increase efficiency within your production line, and allows the flexibility to set up satellite workstations.

2. How much output of void fill does the airbag machine produce?

  • The pillows produced by the Fill-Air Rocket™ come in two different pillows sizes to suit different customers' needs. The Fill-Air Rocket™ can create up to 30 metres of product per minute. The system creates bags instantaneously, by operating at maximum capacity from the moment it is switched on. For larger packaging set-ups, where pillows are stored in large overhead bins, the Auto-Replenishment Sensor will automatically fill up the bin when stock is low.

3. Does the machine require an installation or a complex set up process?

  • The Fill-Air Rocket™ comes ready to use, straight out of the box, so there is very limited effort and time required to set the machine up. Operation of the machine is very easy, and is as simple as a pushing a button which creates the air pillows on demand.
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