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Introducing an incredible group of Aussie athletes, who all share a common goal — to proudly represent Australia on the global stage and be crowned the world's best in their field. Join us as we get behind and support these amazing individuals on their journey to gold, alongside Signet customers all chasing their own Aussie dreams.  

Peter Bol 1:40

Peter Bol holds the title for the fastest 800 metres ever run by an Australian. He finds pure joy when running on the track and aspires to not only represent his home for years to come but to be the best in the world.

Torrie Lewis 1:37

Torrie Lewis is the fastest Australian woman of all time in the 100 metre event. At just 19 years old she’s the Aussie National Champion had has been called the future face of Australian Athletics.

Curtis McGrath 1:15

Curtis McGrath is an ANZAC and Paracanoe World Champion whose inspiring heart helped him overcome devastating injury and led him to win fourteen gold medals across multiple competitions.

Skye Nicolson 1:02

Skye Nicolson is the newly crowned featherweight champion of the world and one of Australia’s most celebrated boxers.

Mollie O'Callaghan 1:08

Mollie O’Callaghan is the fastest female 200m freestyle swimmer in the world at just 19 years old. She defied debilitating injury to beat some of the oldest standing world records in the pool.

Rohan Browning 1:25

Rohan Browning is one of the fastest Australians ever to run the 100 metres. The country is behind him and his glorious hair as he trains to be number one.

Madison de Rozario 1:12

Madison de Rozario is a nine-time gold medallist champion wheelchair racer, two-time world record holder and an inspiring voice in Australian sport.


Meet Signet's incredible team of elite athletes, from 100m sprinter Rohan Browning and his iconic flying mullet, to Aussie boxer Skye Nicolson, the new featherweight champion of the world. Paracanoe gold medallist and ANZAC hero Curtis McGrath alongside the record-breaking wheelchair racing icon, Madison de Rozario. Teenage record-breakers Mollie O'Callaghan and Torrie Lewis swim and sprint their way into history and stand proudly alongside the ever-joyful Peter Bol as he sets his sights on 800m glory. We invite you to join us as we get behind them on their journey to gold.

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