Signet On Air Pete Murray

Pete Murray

Signet proudly presents Pete Murray. Australia's most celebrated singer-songwriter, on stage and on air...guitar.

Air Guitar Performances

A beautiful, double unplugged performance of Pete Murray's 'Feeler', exclusive to Signet.
Slow Mo
Pete Murray's 'Feeler', performed slower and more unplugged than you've ever seen.

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About Signet

Forgive us for thinking that packaging can actually be fun. When the opportunity arose to be the packaging provider for some of Australia's most talented musicians, we jumped at the chance! What's more exciting to package than a legendary (air) guitar? Our custom packaging ensures that not a single air guitar was damaged while on tour in Australia and around the world.

Nobody cares about Signet! We're Australia's favourite packaging company, and we're passionate about making life easy for over 60,000 Aussie businesses who use our products every day. To view Signet's full packaging range visit

Pete Murray

One of the most celebrated Australian singer-songwriters of all time, Pete Murray is a mainstay atop the Aussie music scene.

With over a million albums sold and three #1 records, Pete has proven himself as one of the most gifted guitarists in the industry today.

Air 9000

The Jinja Assassin's favourite custom air guitar. Many an air groupie has been serenaded with this feat of instrumental perf-air-ction.


P-Muzz 3000

The perfect guitar for its laid-back owner. Pete's acoustic air guitar is always on hand to serenade his tuning required.


Air Wolf

A one-of-a-kind double necked guitar is reserved for rock legend Andrew Stockdale. Although, we do hear he will lend it to Jinja if they ever perform together (pfft like that's ever going to happen).


Heidi Seek

A custom air guitar made for rock royalty Ella Hooper. Made from maple wood body with a pearl block inlay on the fingerboard. It's *almost* too good to be real!



We hear you can tune this air ukulele with your mind! Plus, this beauty is so small it packs away like it's not even there.