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Since 1972, Ranpak have been dedicated to creating environmentally responsible packaging materials for the effective cushioning and protection of goods during shipment. Ranpak uses paper to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution that reduces time and materials, resulting in significant cost savings. As the global leaders in paper packaging, Ranpak products can be found in the automotive, electronic, glassware, warehousing, homewares, and medical industries, just to name a few.

Ranpak's range of products can be found in the following categories:

✔ Environmentally friendly
100% Recycled and recyclable

✔ Cost effective
Faster, low-cost and cleaner

✔ Simple & Effective
Easy-to-use, accommodates

all kinds of packaging

Climate neutral
Trees have the natural characteristic to absorb CO2 in order to grow. The CO2 that is emitted during the production and processing of paper is taken up by its natural source.

The source is renewable
Trees can be replanted and therefore the source of paper will never run out.

The Recycling Rate of paper is around 60%. It is very easy to recycle paper and to make raw material out of it or other paper based products. Next to that, the separation and collection of processes of old paper are very well established, both in domestic as well as in industrial segments.

No hazardous substances
Ranpak paper is a very clean material and does not contain any threatening substances.

Ranpak paper is mainly used together with other paper-based packaging materials, like cardboard boxes. This combination ensures easy disposal of the complete packaging set that in turn contributes to a higher recycling rate of packaging materials.

FSC guarantee
Ranpak only works with virgin paper suppliers that (FSC) ensures that the supplier manages the forsts in such a way that the biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes are maintained.


Void fill

Wrapping items for shipment can help protect them against scratches and minor handling incidents, it is also useful for separating multiple items that are packaged together. As an alternative to plastic materials such as Bubble Wrap, Ranpak’s Geami design expands paper into a honeycomb structure that securely wraps products. Geami is as aesthetically pleasing as it is protective and delivers the ultimate ‘unboxing experience’. Due to its interlocking design, there is no need for tape, cutting both time and costs at the bottom line.

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Void filling is the effective use of protective packaging to fill excess space in a shipping box. This application prevents goods from sliding or breaking in transit by providing a secure internal environment. Ranpak’s FillPak products offer a flexible, reliable and efficient solution to paper void filling and will fit into any box.

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Cushioning, Blocking and Bracing

RanPak vs. Bubble Time Comparison

A lot of the time, boxes are not handled gently during shipping which can cause minor, or even major damages to the products inside. This is where cushioning, blocking and bracing comes in handy. Ranpak’s Padpak is a patented paper design that provides versatile cushioning when strategically placed in the shipping box. The padding is highly shock and vibration absorbent, drastically minimising the danger of product damages. Whether the goods are delicate or bulky and heavy, PadPak can be used to transport anything from radiators and automotive parts, all the way to fine china and surgery kits.

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See how much time can be saved by using the RanPak Geami system versus the traditional method of bubble wrap.

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99 Bikes enhances their packaging with customised Signet mailer bags and paper

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