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Happy Tummies, switches to Signet’s Cold Chain Packing solutions, to increase packing efficiency by 120% and improve warehouse storage.

Happy Tummies, switches to Signet’s Cold Chain Packing solutions, to increase packing efficiency by 120% and improve warehouse storage.

Australian-owned, allergy-safe food brand, Happy Tummies, improves on both packing efficiency and food protection in transit by switching out their traditional ice packs and foil to Signets insulated mailers and cold gel packs, a reusable solution that better caters to their small business needs.  

On a mission to create an accessible space for families with allergies and food intolerances, Lisa Munro founded Happy Tummies. Happy Tummies is an online grocer that sells safe food alternatives for all dietary requirements, including egg and nut allergies, right through to sugar-free and vegan alternatives.   

As a mother with a child that has allergies, I know how good it feels to find new, safe food that the kids love! At Happy Tummies, we proudly stock over 700 products from pantry goods, to lollies and treats, empowering all families to enjoy mealtime as well as life’s special moments including parties, Easter and Christmas.” Lisa Munro - Happy Tummies, Founder.  

With such a large variety of products across their range, the Happy Tummies team required insulated packaging solutions to safely transport their consumable goods all over Australia, ensuring nothing would spoil on route from their warehouse in Western Australia.  

“As we ship all over Australia, our deliveries travel across states with varying weather temperatures. We needed a smart packaging solution that helped to keep products like our chocolates at a steady cool temperature. We also needed to ensure our packaging was padded enough to reduce the risk of cracking or spillages on items like our sauces and cereals.” 

Originally, Lisa and her team were ordering traditional ice packs and foil to help transport their goods, but they struggled with large minimum order quantities (MOQs), which took up valuable space in their warehouse. 

“Our previous supplier required us to order ice packs by the pallet. This was not only inconvenient for cash flow, but my team and I had to unload these by hand as we don’t own a forklift, and it became an extremely time-consuming task!”  

Following a successful Google search, Lisa discovered Signet and their wide range of insulated food packaging solutions, all without the large minimum order requirements.

“As soon as we switched to Signet we eliminated all the hassle of unloading pallets as well as reduced the need to custom cut foil to fit our orders, this has improved our packing efficiency by 120%. We’ve also been able to save so much space in the warehouse by placing smaller more frequent packaging orders, that often arrive the very next day. It’s been a game changer for our cash flow!”  

Lisa and her team switched out their traditional large foil bubble rolls with Signet’s Foil Insulated Mailers, which provide padded cushioning and temperature control for deliveries in transit. The team also opted to swap their original ice packs for Signets Cold Gel Packs, which last five times longer than crushed ice and are reusable once received.

Signets solutions have also completely reduced the risk of packaging-related spoilage, including ice-related leaks, and product breakages. 

“Our customers love the reusable cold gel packs, because they don't melt like traditional ice, and they keep our orders in a great, temperature-controlled condition before they are unpacked and refrigerated. Overall, shifting to Signet has helped us completely reduce packaging-related spoilage on our orders, which is a fantastic outcome for both our customers and team!” 

To learn more about Signet’s Cold Chain Packaging range, call and speak to one of our team members at 13 7446, email, Live Chat with us at or submit an enquiry below. 

Signet proudly supports Happy Tummies and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.  

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