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Signet's Sustainable Packaging

Signet helps MECCA introduce an eco-friendly eCommerce packaging solution

Signet’s sustainable packaging solution receives a 40% consumer uptake and a 30% reduction in warehouse packing time.

MECCA Brands is an Australian retailer that brings its customers the best in global beauty across its retail stores and online channels. The company has created a unique shopping experience for customers in 100 plus stores in Australia and New Zealand, with an extensive collection of products from over 150 beauty brands, and exceptional service and beauty expertise.  

We’re always exploring new ways we can innovate and to deliver on what our customers want. As part of our eCommerce business, we were looking to introduce new packaging alternatives, which would reduce our environmental impact and also enable us to get our customers’ beauty goodies into their hands and homes as quickly as possible.” —Tom McGrath, MECCA Brands IT Delivery Manager.   

As a result, MECCA engaged Signet to assist in the implementation of a sustainable packaging solution for their eCommerce business. By choosing this option, MECCA’s customers online orders will arrive at their door in recycled and recyclable packaging, at no additional charge.  

MECCA’s sustainable packaging solution is made up of three Signet products.  Geami by Ranpak is used for wrapping MECCA’s primary goods. FillPak TT by Ranpak is then used as a void fill inside the carton to prevent movement and transit damages. Finally, a paper-based tape is used to seal their recyclable carton once packed.  

Signet's Geami Protective Packaging

The sustainable packaging solution has produced great results for MECCA.  

“Since the implementation of our sustainable packaging solution, we’ve experienced a 40% consumer uptake without any advertising, which shows that the demand is there and our customers have really welcomed this option.” —Tom McGrath.

Along with providing an eco-friendly packaging solution for MECCA customers, this packaging approach has been simpler for the businesses Distribution Centre to pack.  

Signet's Geami Protective Packaging and tesa Paper Tape

“Since working with Signet, MECCA has seen a 30% time-saving in packaging products going out to their customers.” —James Poulsen Signet Genera Manager of Sales and Procurement.

At Signet, we are continually striving to incorporate innovative lean and green packaging into our product range to help our customers on their sustainability journey and provide solutions in line with their sustainability goals.   

Recently, due to COVID-19, MECCA’s eCommerce business has experienced an increase in online orders because of the temporary closures of their retail stores. Signet has worked with the MECCA operations team to optimise the packaging process and ensure they have a steady supply of sustainable packaging materials to fulfill their orders and meet customer demands.

As a result, Signet's sustainable packaging offering has experienced an even greater consumer uptake. 

“During this time Signet has helped MECCA meet its increased customer demands while providing a sustainable packaging solution that creates a minimal environmental impact.”

If you would like to speak with a Signet staff member about our environmentally friendly packaging solutions, contact our Sales team by calling 13 7446, emailing, Live Chat with us at, or submit an enquiry below.

Signet is proud to support MECCA and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures. 

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