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1 August, 2018

Signet's outside of the box solution for Lush Cosmetics' in-the-box protection

At the forefront of its industry, Lush is world-famous for its handmade cosmetics, made from ethically sourced ingredients and packaged in 100% recycled pots. Product packaging generates an enormous amount of waste yearly...

12 October, 2018

How Signet enhances EGR Group automotive production

The EGR Group has grown over the past 45 years into a world-class designer and global manufacturer of precision engineered solutions. EGR is segmented into two strategic divisions - Automotive and Building…

10 October, 2018

How Signet’s Own Safety Gloves reduced our TRIFR by 7.66 over the past 12 months

95% of organisations experience hand injuries and one in five workplace injuries occur to the hands, according to the Ansell 2017 Hand Safety Report. Many hand injuries take weeks or even months to…