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Pallet Jacks & Levellers

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    Signet Pallet Jack


    Signet Pallet Jack
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    Pallet Leveller 2000KG


    Pallet Leveller 2000KG
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Pallet Jacks & Levellers

At Signet, we understand that the backbone of every efficient warehouse is the right equipment. Our pallet jack and leveller exemplify top-notch quality, and ensures swift and safe transportation of goods within any industrial setting. Whether you’re in a bustling manufacturing hub in Brisbane or a compact distribution centre in Melbourne, our range is curated to meet diverse requirements, making the movement of loads a breeze.

What is a Pallet Jack and what are they used for?

A pallet jack, sometimes referred to as a pallet truck or hand truck, is a tool used for lifting and moving pallets within a warehouse. Essentially, it's the warehouse's workhorse, facilitating the easy transportation of goods without the need for bulky machinery like a forklift. Equipped with wheels and a manoeuvrable frame, pallet jacks are predominantly used for:

  • Loading and unloading goods from trucks
  • Distributing products within the storage spaces of warehouses
  • Aiding in the receiving and shipping of items
  • Moving goods to different areas within a retail or construction site

What is a Pallet Leveller and what are they used for?

A pallet leveller (often simply known as a leveller) is a device designed to adjust the height of a pallet to a more ergonomic and comfortable level for operators. By doing so, it reduces the strain on warehouse staff when loading or unloading items.

Key applications include:

  • Assisting in packaging operations to minimise bending and reaching
  • Facilitating more efficient stock management by ensuring items are at an optimal height
  • Enhancing productivity by making the loading and unloading processes faster and less strenuous

Are there any safety concerns when using a Pallet Jack or Pallet Leveller?

Safety is paramount in any warehouse environment. While pallet jacks and levellers significantly enhance efficiency, there are some concerns operators should be aware of:

  • Ensuring the load capacity isn't exceeded to prevent tipping or equipment damage
  • Avoiding fast movements, especially in areas with other workers, to prevent collisions
  • Regularly inspecting equipment for wear and tear, especially the wheels and lifting mechanism
  • Training staff thoroughly on correct operational procedures
  • Utilising the brake system, when available, to ensure stability during loading and unloading

What can I use instead of a pallet jack?

While pallet jacks are incredibly versatile, there are other tools and machinery available for handling loads:

  • Forklifts: Suitable for lifting heavier loads and ideal for stacking items at greater heights.
  • Dolly: For moving smaller items or loads.
  • Conveyor Belt: Useful for moving items across longer distances within the warehouse.
  • Hand Truck: A more compact solution for transporting goods in tighter spaces.

What are the disadvantages of a pallet jack?

Though pallet jacks are invaluable in many scenarios, there are limitations:

  • Limited lift height compared to forklifts
  • Requires manual effort, which can be strenuous over longer distances or with heavier loads
  • Not ideal for very heavy or oversized pallets
  • Limited to relatively smooth surfaces for optimal operation

How do I choose the right pallet jack for my needs?

Choosing the right pallet jack hinges on several factors:

  • Load Capacity: Ensure the jack can handle the weight of your typical loads.
  • Manoeuvrability: If your warehouse has tight spaces or sharp turns, opt for a more manoeuvrable model.
  • Lift Height: While most jacks have a standard lift height, some specialised models might offer more or less depending on the application.
  • Frame Width: Depending on the sizes of your pallets, the width of the jack's forks may be a consideration.

Signet’s Pallet Jack and Pallet Leveller takes the above into account and we pride ourselves on providing top-tier warehouse and site supply solutions that stand the test of time. Signet also stocks a variety of packaging solutions, from boxes and containers to protective packaging, strapping supplies and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us if you have any questions!

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