Rohan Browning

Rohan Browning

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Meet Rohan

As the nation tuned into the 2020 Tokyo Games, an unassuming Aussie larrikin captured the spotlight, not only for his remarkable speed on the track but for his distinctive look, specifically...his haircut. Rohan was fondly crowned by Bruce McAvaney as "The Flying Mullet", and the 100-metre sprinter quickly earned himself a cult status on the track and in the hearts of Australians.

“The first time I heard ‘The Flying Mullet' I thought I'm never going to live this down.”

“The first time I heard ‘The Flying Mullet' I thought I'm never going to live this down, and sure enough it appeared on my Wikipedia page. I tried to take it down, but somebody put it back up. I don't know if that was one of my mates or an overzealous Wikipedia editor. It's funny because it's not even a mullet!”

Beneath Browning's glorious locks, is a determined athlete with the focus and drive to prove himself again and beat his own remarkable performances. He clocked an incredible 10.01 in his heat at the 2020 Tokyo games which was the fastest 100 metres ever recorded by an Australian. Now in 2024, Browning is set on rewriting 125 years of Games history, by becoming the third Australian ever to win gold in the 100 metres event.

“For me, a highlight was winning my heat at the 2020 Tokyo Games. That was the first time I think I really proved to myself that I belong at this level of competition and that I could really compete with the best guys in the world. Going into 2024, my dream is to write a new chapter of history for this sport and prove that Australian sprinters can be up there with the best in the world. I know to get there I need to run under 10 seconds, and that's what I'm chasing.”

The pursuit of perfection has become an obsession for Browning and his eyes are set on breaking the Australian National Record of 9.92. For him, it's a relentless mix of pain and endurance to shave fractions of seconds from his time. In a sport where success and failure are separated by the slimmest of margins, precision is everything.

“I know that to break 9.93 seconds, the Australian record, I need to find that 0.1, and I'm searching everywhere for it,” Browning reveals. “It's a slight lateral step out of the blocks, it's the last 10 metres of the race, how high you pick up, how much you dorsi flex your tibias anterior, how active you are, how fatigued you are. There are so many elements that come into this absolutely maximal effort, and that is what you commit yourself to every day when you turn up to training. You go into this sport, and you know that you may win or lose by fractions of a second, and it can be an incredibly bitter pill to swallow. So, on any given day when you turn up to compete, you can't be niggly, you can't be sore, you can't be injured, you must be 100%, or you don't get to be the hero.”

“I know that to break 9.93 seconds, the Australian record, I need to find that 0.1, and I'm searching everywhere for it.”

As Browning gears up to take home gold in 2024 he reflects on what it means to wear the Green and Gold. “Representing your country feels very special and feels right, like it fits well. When I walk into a stadium, I feel like I belong there. Maybe I didn't when I was a bit younger, but now I really do. I think when you're surrounded by the others, I feel like I really belong, and I can be competitive.”

“I didn't expect a packaging company of all things to want to support me, but I get it. You guys help thousands of Aussie businesses compete and you're helping me compete on the track. The support means the world to me and helps me focus on what I need to do keep improving. I'm grateful.”

We're proud to support Rohan Browning as a member of Team Signet. Join us as we get behind him, the rest of the team, and over 60,000 Aussie businesses all chasing their own dreams.

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