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Signet is an environmentally aware company that is committed to conducting business in a way that reduces our impact on the environment. As a manufacturer and supplier of mostly disposable products we face many environmental issues. As with everything we do, we have taken a Best Practice approach to developing environmentally friendly solutions. Including recycling and reusing during the manufacturing process, and undertaking Lean initiatives to reduce our waste. We offer our customers environmentally friendly packaging options including bio degradable bags, plastics and wraps.

Signet is currently undertaking a number of projects in order to reduce our waste and to further minimise our impact on the environment.

  • Signet have introduced of a number of degradable plastic products including stretch films and plastic bags.
  • We have been recycling our plastic waste so that it can be channeled into the manufacture of our products. 
  • We retrieve and reuse stretch film cores from major customers. 
  • Signet are an official Signatory to the Australia Packaging Covenant
  • We are currently undertaking an action plan for our ISO1400 Environmental Management Accreditation.