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How to set up a Construction Site

After the necessary permissions and approvals for construction have been finalised, the next step is to get the construction site set up. It is important to prepare the site correctly for a smooth and efficiently run construction that keeps workers and site visitors safe. Read on for a 10 step guide on how to achieve this as well as suggestions on some of the products you might need.


Evaluate the site and create boundaries

  • Examine the construction site to determine if there are any pre-existing utilities such as water or electricity. Make sure you clearly mark these on the site.
  • Use the blueprints you have received from the project’s architects or engineers to establish boundaries for the site.

Recommended products:Barrier mesh, steel posts & caps and spot marking spray


 Have a phone line installed onsite

  • This might seem like a premature step however a phone line will allow any updated plans and contracts to be received immediately. This will help the construction process to continue efficiently

Recommended products: Printer paper and printer cartridges


Set up a perimeter fence and mount signs

  • After the site boundaries have been established erect a fence to create a physical barrier around the construction site. This will ensure the safety of site workers, site visitors and passers-by which should be a high priority
  • Mount signs on the external side of the fence which detail your company name, contact information, instructions for site visitors and what PPE (personal protective equipment) must be worn onsite. On the internal side of the fence, mount applicable danger signs and signs to indicate the location of first aid kits.

Recommended products: Custom printed signs, danger signs and emergency signs


Take samples of the soil onsite

  • Take soil samples from a few different site locations and have an environmental engineer test these. The results will allow you to determine if the site is contaminated or if there will be any issues during excavation or when pouring concrete.

Recommended products: Silt fencing


Find and eliminate hidden dangers

  • Scour the site to find concealed dangers such as old wells, shafts, electrical cables, and gas or water channels. Mark these clearly – even if they are scheduled to be covered over or filled soon as unmarked they will be hazardous to any person onsite.

Recommended products: Spot marking spray, timber stakes, flagging tape, hazard netting and underground mains marking tape


Remove remaining flora or old building structures

  • Remove any old materials onsite and save anything that could be salvaged. Ensure you store these out of the way and ensure you clearly mark the hazard

Recommended products: Steel posts and barrier mesh


Eliminate pests from the construction site

  • Depending on the condition of the site, this might require a professional exterminator. This is an important step as pests can pose a health and safety risk and can damage construction supplies

Recommended products: MSA wasp killer


Set up site amenities

  • Organise a site office, temporary toilets, a kitchen and storage areas

Recommended products: Office stationery, toilet paper, hand towels, hand cleansers, coffee, tea, sugar, cups and stirrers


Organise security for the site

  • There are several different options available depending on the needs of the construction site. It is better to err on the side of caution with site security as this could mean the difference between preventing theft, damage or unauthorised persons entering the site.

Recommended products: Safety locks and signs


Clearly convey site procedures

  • Regularly communicate with management, workers, suppliers and site visitors to ensure they understand site security, correct procedures and the location of amenities onsite

Also ensure that the necessary PPE, safety equipment and first aid supplies are provided appropriately across the site. For more information about setting up a construction site or for help finding the right products, contact us on 13 7446 or by emailing sales@signet.net.au.