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The Labels & Tags section offers a range of labels, stickers and tags for both industry specific and general purpose labelling and identification. Some of the quality brands available include Signet and Signet’s Own as well as 3M, Avery, Dymo, Insignia, Meto and Zebra.

Do you stock plain labels?

Yes. There are 10 different sizes available in the Signet’s Own plain labels. These labels have a permanent adhesive for dependability and are supplied in a handy dispenser box for quick and easy dispensing. The labels are available in 6 colours including: white, fluoro green, fluoro pink, fluoro red, fluoro yellow and fluoro orange.

What are freight labels and what is the difference between normal wound and reverse wound?

Freight labels are made for the computer printing systems that most transport companies use. They are designed to meet common barcoding and shipping requirements. 

There are 2 different types: normal wound labels and reverse wound labels. Normal wound labels have the labels wound with the labels facing out, while reverse wound labels are wound with the labels facing in.

What is the difference between direct and transfer labels?

Thermal transfer labels are used with a heated printed ribbon which produces durable and long-lasting images. It is designed with a highly smooth coating to provide a permanent scratch resistant bond.

This is different to direct thermal labels where no ribbon is required and the image is created directly on the labels. This type of label is more sensitive to light, heat and abrasions which means it needs to be stored away from direct sunlight or heat and is suited for applications with a shorter life span.

What size computer labels do you have?

There are 2 different brands to choose from for computer labels: Insignia or Avery.

Insignia has 9 different sizes of computer labels available: 199mm x 289mm (1 label per sheet), 199mm x 143mm (2 labels per sheet), 99mm x 139mm (4 labels per sheet), 99mm x 67.7mm (8 labels per sheet), 99mm x 38mm (14 labels per sheet), 99mm x 34mm (16 labels per sheet), 64mm x 33mm (24 labels per sheet), 64mm x 26mm (30 labels per sheet) and 64mm x 24mm (33 labels per sheet).

Avery has 8 different sizes of computer labels available: 199mm x 289mm (1 label per sheet), 99mm x 139mm (4 labels per sheet), 99mm x 67.7mm (8 labels per sheet), 99mm x 38mm (14 labels per sheet), 99mm x 34mm (16 labels per sheet), 64mm x 34mm (24 labels per sheet), 64mm x 26mm (30 labels per sheet)and 64mm x 24mm (33 labels per sheet).

Do you have easy tie tags?

Yes. The easy tie tags are made from a tough and cross-laminated polyethylene to be waterproof, chemical resistant and tear resistant. They are an excellent temporary identifier which doesn’t leave residue behind.