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Choosing the right marking paint can be a difficult decision. While you may think that any old paint will do the trick the truth is that different types of paints, like different types of tapes, have their own unique purpose. If you use the wrong kind you may not get the result you were after and are back to square one.

Signet has been producing our own range of Signet's Own marking paints for many years now and want to help our customers pick the right paint for their needs, which is where our latest infographic is here to help. Click here to view the infographic and read below to find out more about the Signet's Own brand.

The Signet's Own brand of marking paints have been designed with our customers in mind, rigorously tested to ensure the end product is to the highest standards. Like Signet's history, our range of paint and aerosols have expanded over the years to ensure that we have all of the marking paints Australian businesses need to compete. Whether it's marking out a car park, walk ways in a warehouse or simply a stencil on a wall; our quality, dependable paints will get the job done right every time.

For further information about Line Marking Spray, Vertical Geo Spray, Horizontal Geo Spray, Stencil Spray, Steel Colour Coding Spray or Fluoro Marking Spray head to http://www.signet.net.au/online-store, email sales@signet.net.au or contact the sales team on 13 7446.