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Custom Printed Tape Form

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Is this a new or repeat printed tape enquiry?

Printed Tape Type

PVC Tape Details

Polypropylene Tape Details

**For more information on Reverse Block see bottom of page
**For more information on Reverse Block see bottom of page

Reverse Block Information:

No Reverse Block -Text printed directly onto the existing tape colour in the print colour

Reverse Block - Colour printed around the outside and the text is left in the existing tape colour

General Information:

Approximate Lead Time: 3-4 weeks. Repeat jobs: 2-3 weeks.

Extra Charges:

Print plate charge for all new or changed orders per colour. For example: a two colour print has two charges. This charge is waived for quantities over 5 cartons.

Reverse block fee is for new or changed orders. Reverse block is an inverse printing to give the impression of a different coloured background. It does have a thin white border at the end of each block however.

Fluoro orange PVC charge is charged per roll per order when fluoro orange is requested. For example 72 rolls of fluoro orange tape will have 72 charges.