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Sqwincher Hydration That Works

Sqwincher is an electrolyte enhanced beverage for effective hydration. With leading industry recognition, Sqwincher has provided hydration solutions to hot workplaces to effectively reduce heat related illnesses & accidents since 1975. Keep your workers safe and productive with Sqwincher hydration. 

Single Serve

Delivering a convenient, great-tasting hydration solution to facilitate you and your colleagues at your work environment.

Liquid Concentrate

Sqwincher's electrolyte enhanced products provide effective hydration for workers in the work place, as well as during sports and general day-to-day activities.

Why Sqwincher?

The specific Sqwincher advantages are better taste, superior composition, a variety of flavours, and advanced dispensing options. Sqwincher contains an optimal balance of necessary electrolytes (lower sodium, higher potassium) and carbohydrates which consumers prefer. Along with competitive pricing, Sqwincher offers more efficient packaging and dispensing programs than any of its competitors.

When do you use Sqwincher?

Sqwincher is comprised of elements which occur naturally in the body. It scientifically restores and sustains proper electrolyte balance through fluids which contribute to internal body performance. Wellness enhances physical performance and deters mental apathy. Drinking Sqwincher is a preventive measure against the ill and costly effects of dehydration which occurs from heat stress, fatigue, illness, caffeine consumption and poor dietary intake, as well as a variety of other physical or work related conditions.

How much should you drink?

Thirst is not always an indicator when replenishing body fluids. Industry studies indicate that a person should consume 177 to 295 ml of Sqwincher every 15 to 20 minutes in very hot or fatiguing situations or strenuous work tasks. Furthermore, dehydration is a threat in every season and keeping properly hydrated 365 days a year is a vital element in maintaining health and wellness.

FAQ's for Sqwincher

Every diabetic’s condition varies, therefore, diabetics MUST consult their physician for guidelines on the amount of sugar and carbohydrates they can safely consume each day and whether Sqwincher will fall into their dietary guidelines.Sqwincher has specifically developed a ZERO SUGAR – ZERO CALORIE version called Sqwincher “Qwik Stiks Zero” which addresses the dietary needs of diabetics and/or consumers watching their overall carb intake.Sqwincher “Qwik Stiks Zero” products use Sucralose as a sweetener base. Nutritional content information is provided on all Sqwincher product packaging. As previously indicated with regular Sqwincher, we encourage anyone with health concerns, diabetes or otherwise, to provide our ingredient statement to a qualified physician and seek their counsel as to whether or not the product would be suitable for that individual to consume.

“Best used by” means that the product is best when used within the time frame specified. When the time frame expires the product will not spoil the next day, but at that point the product may have lost flavor and colour. The citrus flavours (Orange, Lemonade, Lemon-Lime, Cool Citrus) will break down faster than the fruitier flavours (Fruit Punch, Grape, Cherry, Mixed Berry).The most important factor affecting shelf life is the environment in which the product is kept. To maintain quality satisfaction store Sqwincher in cool areas with low light.

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