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Ranpak PadPak Senior

CenturyYuasa use PadPak as a durable and eco-friendly cushioning

CenturyYuasa switched to an eco-friendly protective packaging over a decade ago and have experienced minimal transit damages since the implementation. 

CenturyYuasa is Australia’s oldest and most recognised battery manufacturing brand and a trusted household name for over 90 years among Australian and New Zealand motorists.

The CenturyYuasa Power Systems division and head distribution centre in Brisbane manufactures and transports highly complex pieces of equipment. With their major customers located across Australia, orders often need to survive a journey to extremely remote locations, and the goods must arrive damage-free.

CenturyYuasa needed a product that was not only sustainable but would also be strong enough to cushion bulky, heavy items on rough journeys for long periods of time without breaking down. Over ten years ago, the team at Signet helped CenturyYuasa to solve this issue by introducing a PadPak machine into their supply chain.

As a relatively new technology at the time, using paper as a bracing and cushioning solution to replace Styrofoam meant that they could fulfill their sustainability goals.

Ranpak PadPak Senior MachineRanpak PadPak Senior Machine
Ranpak PadPak Senior Machine

Environmentally friendly paper is compressed by the PadPak machine to create highly shock-absorbent cushioning pads. The pads are individually created at the point of packaging, so they can be applied in the shape and length that best suits the product inside the carton.

PadPak Spiral Configuration in cartonPadPak Spiral Configuration in carton
PadPak in a 'spiral' configuration

Prior to making the switch, any wear and tear or scratch marks would require a reworking of the product, with over 30% of the product price in the powder coating itself. Therefore, the implementation of the PadPak machine was aimed not only at reducing the company’s carbon footprint but also at reducing costs caused by reworking orders, which ultimately benefits their bottom line.

“Time lost and delayed installation due to reworks would mean a setback in invoices being paid. Our time and labour costs are not as significant as the confidence we would lose with the customer.” —Stuart Forde, CenturyYuasa National Industrial Warehouse Manager.

The CenturyYuasa team has recorded minimal transit damages since moving to the PadPak system - an efficient and durable packaging solution system - and they are proud to be using a sustainable product that doesn’t cost the earth.

If you’d like to speak with a Signet team member about making your supply chain more sustainable like CenturyYuasa has, call us on 13 7446, email, or Live Chat with us by visiting

Signet is proud to support CenturyYuasa and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.