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Skincare products in a Mailing Box

The Complete Breakdown on Mailing Boxes

Want to learn more about Mailing Boxes? We have you sorted with this comprehensive guide covering everything there is to know! From how it differs to a Shipping Carton, what they are used for, how many sizes are available to any additional packaging you may need.  

What is a Mailing Box? 

If you've ever received a package in the mail, chances are you've come across a Mailing Box. But what is it exactly? Well, put simply, a Mailing Box is a type of carton specifically designed for shipping items. Don't be fooled however, it's not to be confused with a Shipping Carton. The two may look similar, but the differences are significant. Mailing Boxes are often made with a thicker cardboard stock and more secure design. They also do not require any staples or tape — however we always recommend to ensure security!  They're available in both kraft and white stock, giving you plenty of options to align with your brand style or sustainability ethos. Whether you're sending a gift, an eCommerce order or anything in between, a Mailing Box is a reliable choice to ensure your order arrives to your customer in perfect condition. 

Signet Mailing BoxesSignet Mailing Boxes

What are Mailing Boxes used for? 

As the name suggests, Mailing Boxes are perfect for mailing and shipping everything from shoes, books, documents, clothing, electronics to food! They are an ideal choice for those needing a reliable and practical and secure packaging option for mailing. Supplied flat, these boxes can easily be folded into shape without the need for packaging tape, staples or glue.  

How many sizes of Mailing Boxes are available? 

Signet has four different sizes of Mailing Boxes available with each size coming in a kraft or white finish! Each size is made to standard Australia Post mailing sizes, so you don’t have to worry about costs of an incorrectly sized shipping carton! All of Signet’s Kraft Mailing Boxes are 100% recyclable, so if you’re looking to kick your sustainability goals, look no further! We’ve listed our entire Mailing Box range below, so you can easily compare the sizes and find the right fit for you!  

NOTE: The below measurements are Length x Width x Height.  

Signet Kraft Mailing Box Signet Kraft Mailing Box
Signet White Mailing BoxSignet White Mailing Box
Signet Kraft Mailing BoxSignet Kraft Mailing Box
Signet White Mailing BoxSignet White Mailing Box
Signet Kraft Mailing BoxSignet Kraft Mailing Box
Signet White Mailing BoxSignet White Mailing Box
Signet Kraft Mailing BoxSignet Kraft Mailing Box
Signet White Mailing BoxSignet White Mailing Box

Do I need any additional Packaging? 

When it comes to shipping your eCommerce orders, it's important to ensure that your items arrive in perfect condition, so your customers have the ultimate unboxing experience. Mailing Boxes are ideal for lighter items that need to be sent through the post, however, they are still suitable for sturdy or fragile items too! If your item is fragile, our range of sustainable Protective Packaging materials like Geami Honeycomb Wrap and FillPak TT are a perfect addition. These materials help cushion and secure your products during transit, ensuring they arrive safely in the hands of your customers.  

Geami Honeycomb Wrap 

Geami Honeycomb Wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap, made from recyclable and renewable FSC paper that can easily be reused or recycled after use! The unique die-cut paper expands into a 3D honeycomb structure that provides the same protection as bubble wrap —without the plastic. If you’re just starting out Signet offers the Exbox Mini, a self-contained and disposable unit that is ideal for small to medium eCommerce businesses. 

Read how Geami has helped Australian beauty giant MECCA Brands receive a 40% consumer uptake and 30% reduction in warehouse packing time here.  

Stump & Co products wrapped in GeamiStump & Co products wrapped in Geami
The Little Label Co Products in FillpakThe Little Label Co Products in Fillpak

Fillpak TT Paper 

Fillpak TT Paper is made from 100% FSC certified paper, is climate neutral, recyclable and biodegradable. The paper converts into a strong 3D void fill and can be cut to any length, then placed inside your carton to fill empty voids. Likewise, to Geami, if you’re just starting out Signet has a Ranpak FillPak Go which is perfect for small business, or anyone wanting to try the product out before investing in a machine! 

Click here to see how Fillpak has helped natural supplement company Naked Harvest reduce packing time by 25%.   

Labels & Tape 

In addition to inside Protective Packaging, Signet offers a range of packaging for the outside of your Mailing Box such as Freight Labels or eco-friendly Branded Tape! Labels are a great way to further secure and identify your package while in transit. While Branded Tape is often used to seal shut Mailing Boxes and is a cost-effective way to customise your packaging! Taking these steps can not only help protect your products but can also boost customer satisfaction and confidence in your brand.  

Read how Sydney local fish store, Fish Butchery, has elevated their customer experience by introducing Custom Branded Tape here.  

Thirsty Merchants Custom Signet TapeThirsty Merchants Custom Signet Tape

Now you know the ins and outs of all things Mailing Boxes, you can decide if these versatile boxes are what your business needs! Mailing Boxes offer a range of benefits and advantages when it comes to shipping, protecting and packaging all kinds of goods. From their sturdy construction to the ease of use, these boxes will ensure that your orders arrive safe and sound!  

To learn more about Signet’s range of Mailing Boxes, reach out to one of our team members on 13 7446, email, Live Chat with us at or submit an enquiry below. 

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