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Naked Harvest Goregous Greens

Naked Harvest reduce packing times by 25% with eco void fill

All-natural supplements company introduces the FillPak void filling solution to manage increasing order numbers and optimise warehouse storage space.

Naked Harvest Supplements entered the eCommerce health food market in 2019 when a sibling duo joined forces to start a family-run, all-natural supplements company that would revolutionise the standard of active women’s health supplements.

Naked Harvest Pre-Workout ProductNaked Harvest Pre-Workout Product

Initially, Naked Harvest used corn starch packing peanuts as a void fill solution to secure their orders. While the peanuts were eco-friendly, the large storage bags took up valuable space in the warehouse. They were awkward to use, and employees needed to frequently walk away from their stations to stock up on the peanuts, slowing down the packing line.

“The peanuts were a good solution to protective void filling when we were a new business, but we needed a solution that could scale-up with us the more we grew.” — Coopa Stevenson, Co-Founder, Naked Harvest Supplements

Naked Harvest reached out to Signet to help find a more streamlined and centralised packing solution that was still eco-friendly.

Naked Harvest Moon Mylk ProductNaked Harvest Moon Mylk Product

Now Naked Harvest uses the FillPak TT Paper and Standing Machine solution, which has sped up packing time by 25% for its 7,000 monthly parcel average.

“Now we don’t have to deal with giant bags of packing peanuts. What once took us two and a half minutes, now takes only two. The FillPak enables us to take on unexpectedly busy days with ease.”

The foot-operated FillPak Standing Machine instantly dispenses PaperStar kraft paper in high volumes to fill gaps in a boxed order and prevent movement in transit. The FillPak TT Paper is compact to store, and the design of the Standing Machine means very little space is taken up on the floor.

To store their palletised goods, the Naked Harvest team uses Velcro Logistrap as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stretch film. This sustainable solution has helped the company eliminate approximately 300kg of plastic entering its supply chain and further decrease its carbon footprint.

Naked Harvest order packed with FillPakNaked Harvest order packed with FillPak

“Getting orders to our customers on time and in perfect condition is extremely important to us. Signet’s sustainable packaging has helped us enhance our unboxing experience while staying true to our environmentally conscious company values.”

Naked Harvest product packed into a shipping boxNaked Harvest product packed into a shipping box

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