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Since 1968, manufacturing has always been at the heart of the Signet business. From manufacturing inks over 50 years ago, Signet has evolved its production capabilities to include HACCP accredited flexibles, labels, marking paints, aerosols, and signs – all made at our Brisbane facility.

As an Australian-owned family business, Signet is proud to keep manufacturing onshore and provide our customers with a range of 100% Australian made products. Manufacturing here in Australia, gives our customers assurance in a continuous supply during uncertain global economic times, as a result of the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

"As overseas markets become volatile due to recent global events, manufacturing flexibles here in Australia means we have control. We provide certainty to our customers that we can always deliver a steady supply of products, as our flexibles range is not dependent on products sourced from China," says Jack Winson, Winson Group CEO.

In line with our core value of Helping Australia Compete, Signet's Australian manufacturing has attributed the creation of more jobs within Brisbane, product development and innovation in line with our customers' requirements, product quality assurance and cost savings for our customers.

"Our local operations also mean we can give customers surety over their budget estimates, because we can better account for the unpredictable and fluctuating Australian dollar."

To further help meet the needs of our customers, our Brisbane flexibles manufacturing facility is HACCP accredited. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points and is an internationally recognised food safety management system. Designed to control potential hazards in food production and ensure the highest quality food safety within the supply chain.

HACCP is made up of seven key principles and can be applied to all processes throughout every stage of the food supply chain, including production, preparation, packaging and distribution.

Signet recently helped Australia's leading rockmelon farmers, Capogreco Farms increase their food safety standards through the implementation of HACCP accredited Mulch Film onto their fields. Not only has Signet’s HACCP accredited flexibles helped Capogreco Farms achieve the highest standard in hygiene and food safety, but it has also provided Capogreco Farms with a long-term solution to protect their brand integrity.


"Our HACCP manufactured mulch film is our point of difference within the market. Our film is food grade and resistant to chemical leaching, eliminating the risk of produce contamination and increasing food safety," says Jack Winson, Winson Group CEO

Signet is proud to provide our customers with a range of the highest quality locally manufactured HACCP accredited flexibles designed to maximise food safety and our customers' reputation.

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