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Signet reduces The Tea Hut's packaging expenses by 50%

The Tea Hut began as a one-man band with a passion for organic tea back in 2014. 

Fast forward five years, The Tea Hut has expanded to become a fierce competitor in the online blue-ribbon tea industry, currently shipping 600 orders per month, with hundreds of kilos of tea going out the door to over 10,000 customers Australia wide.

Founder Jamie Olsen needed to improve his packaging process and turned to Signet to find a cost-effective and quality shipping carton that was the perfect fit for his product.

“As the business grew, I needed to rethink what we were spending on our packaging process and reduce costs. By switching to Signet, we have seen significant cost savings as opposed to our previous supplier.” —Jamie Olsen, Owner of The Tea Hut.

The Tea Hut trialled sizes until they found the perfect fit, settling on seven different cartons that hold the bags of tea in place with limited movement in transit. Finding the correct sized boxes eliminated the need for additional in-the-box protection, which reduced the company’s carbon footprint while cutting unnecessary costs.

“Every order now goes out in Signet cartons. We found we are saving around 50% per box by moving to Signet which has allowed us to save in the thousands each year.”

Jamie has seen an improvement in the quality of The Tea Hut’s deliveries since switching to Signet shipping cartons.

Jamie packing bags of tea into Signet cartonsJamie packing bags of tea into Signet cartons

“The durability of the boxes has eliminated the chance of the bags of tea bursting during transit, meaning that we can protect our brand reputation and provide customers with a positive unboxing experience.”

Working out of a warehouse space smaller than your average home means Jamie has limited storage space and relies on ordering from the local Signet Belmont warehouse as he needs to keep his supply chain running.

“Signet always keeps my boxes in stock, so I know I’ll receive my order fast, and in good condition. Their consistency means I can always rely on Signet and never have to worry about downtime due to limited supplies.”

What makes The Tea Hut remarkable is their unique business philosophy whereby 10% of all profits earned is donated to Radio Lollipop, a children’s charity that provides entertainment, play, and comfort for sick kids in hospital.

“Since the beginning, I’ve always thought that if you’re going to do big things, you need to figure out a way to give back. The more we grow and increase our profits, the more we can donate and let the volunteers help kids going through a scary time in their lives.”

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Signet is proud to support The Tea Hut and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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