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The Boxes and Containers section contains cartons, tubes and containers in shapes and sizes to suit just about any requirement – including long, awkward, round or cubic shaped items. The full range includes: pallet fitting cartons, shipping cartons, neat-fit cartons, adjustable cartons, long cartons, square cartons, flat cartons, tall cartons, removalist cartons, printer cartons, heavy duty cartons, white shipping cartons, collapsible pallet bins, mailing boxes, postal tubes, wraparound mailer cartons, and plastic containers

How do I know which dimension is the height, length or width?
All of the cartons displayed in the Boxes and Containers section have their dimensions recorded as length x width x height. They are also shown in millimetres (mm) which is the industry standard.

Can I buy just 1 carton?
To ensure customers receive the best prices Signet sells shipping cartons in bundle quantities rather than individually. This also improves the quality and transportation of the item which delivers a better end result to you. The standard bundle size is 25 cartons; however some different types and dimensions have varied bundle sizes including 20, 15 and 10 cartons. This is displayed clearly with the item’s information.

Have you got anything that is suitable for moving offices or houses?
Yes. Signet offers office moving packs and house moving packs of different sizes to make the moving process easier and more efficient. there are 2 sizes of office moving packs available: both contain different quantities of supplies including marker pens, packing knives, packaging tape and dispenser, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, files and sheet protectors and different sizes cartons to name a few products. 
The house moving packs cater to homes of all different sizes including student/1 room, 1-2 rooms, 3-4 rooms, and 5-6 rooms. Each of these packs contain all of the packaging supplies that you would need to easily and safely pack and move houses.

What is the difference between standard and heavy duty shipping cartons?
The difference between standard shipping cartons and heavy duty shipping cartons lies in the structure of the cardboard. Cardboard is typically made by gluing two sheets of flat paper to a corrugated (or wavy) sheet of paper. Standard cartons are made of what is known as 'single wall board’ which is the corrugated paper sandwiched between two sheets of flat paper. Heavy Duty cartons are made of ‘double wall board’ which has an additional layer of corrugated board to the ‘single wall board’. This makes the cardboard stiffer and stronger. 

Do you have any customisable boxes in case my size requirements change frequently?
Yes. Signet stocks Adjustable Cartons which are designed with customisable flaps. The cartons have score lines every 50mm which start from halfway up the height of the carton. Simply cut the cardboard to the required height and use as normal.