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Everleigh Bottling Co Premade Cocktails

The Everleigh Bottling Co improve efficiency by 20% and see a 60% cost saving with Signet’s eco-friendly packaging solutions

By switching to Signet's FillPak TT and Water Activated Tape solution, The Everleigh Bottling Co future-proof their growing business and reduce packaging costs by 60%.

The Everleigh Bottling Co was brought to life off the back of the world-renowned Melbourne cocktail bar, The Everleigh. After spending several years working in cocktail bars around New York City, cocktail connoisseurs, Zara and Michael, created The Everleigh to bring their experience back home.

Inheriting the name, recipes, and ethos, The Everleigh Bottling Co looks to offer that same five-star quality cocktail experience as its big sister, from the comfort of home. From their signature classic cocktails, they have since grown to offer sparkling cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, and glassware through their online store and selected distributors across Australia.

The Everleigh Bottling Co Premade CocktailsThe Everleigh Bottling Co Premade Cocktails

When they first went online, The Everleigh Bottling Co had been using Signet’s Kraft Wrapping Paper for void fill in their eCommerce orders. Still in their early days, the Kraft Paper was the ideal solution for their budding business, however, it quickly became inefficient as the business grew.

Signet's Kraft Wrapping Paper was really protective and fit well with the limited space we have. However, with the business only getting bigger, folding the Kraft Paper and fitting it into each order wasn’t the most efficient use of our time, so we knew we needed to upgrade.” — Josh Hay, Head of Warehouse Operations.

Having been a Signet customer for the past five years, The Everleigh Bottling Co reached out to their Account Manager in search of a more efficient solution. The Everleigh Bottling Co now use Signet’s FillPak TT Paper Void Fill for all their eCommerce orders. 

The FillPak TT is a unique and versatile eco-friendly void fill made from 100% recyclable and FSC certified paper. When fed through the TT machine the flat-pack paper converts into an effective star-shaped void fill, designed to prevent products from moving around during transit.

Also, only requiring 10% of the storage space compared to a traditional void fill, FillPak TT was the perfect fit for their small warehouse.

The introduction of the FillPak solution has seen The Everleigh Bottling Co reduce their packing time and simultaneously improve their unboxing experience. It’s also future-proofed their eCommerce packaging solution for the continuing growth of their business.

FillPak TT void fill with cutterFillPak TT void fill with cutter

"Not only does the FillPak paper look more beautiful, but it's helped us reduce our packing time by 20%. Since the switch, we’ve also found we’re using a lot less paper and still achieving the same amount of cushioning for our products."

The Everleigh Bottling Co were also previously using a custom branded water activated tape from an alternative supplier. However, after a discussion with their Account Manager, they switched to Signet’s Reinforced Water Activated Tape to seal their orders and cut their packaging costs by 60%.

"Having recently switched to custom branded cartons, we felt the custom branded tape was almost unnecessary, especially considering we could get the same product, unbranded from Signet for less than half the price and without the wait time."

If you want to learn more about Signet’s eco-friendly eCommerce solutions, call 13 7446, email, or Live Chat with us at

Signet is proud to support The Everleigh Bottling Co and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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