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Banksia Gift Pods

Banksia Gifts eliminates over 200kg of plastic and reduces packing time by 80% with Signet's sustainable packaging

Australian-owned giftware brand, Banksia Gifts, converts to Signet’s sustainable packaging and eliminates 100% of virgin plastic from their packing process, enhancing their overall efficiency and better aligning their packing practices with their brand.

Founded in 1985, Banksia Gifts is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in creating unique giftware from the Australian Native Banksia Grandis seed pod. A passion-turned-profession, founder and Craftsman, Tony Hansen first started experimenting with Australian Native Timber at the early age of 15, before discovering the Banksia tree, which re-grows its distinctively beautiful and porous pods making them the perfect source for his Australian giftware brand. 

Banksia Tealight CandlesBanksia Tealight Candles

As the Banksia Gifts brand is built upon the renewable source of the Banksia pod, the team at Banksia Gifts sought to better align the brand’s packaging by eliminating the use of plastic. 

“Our business processes are all about our considerations for the environment, ensuring we do not disturb any surrounding plants or wildlife, we wanted to apply this same eco-conscious behaviour to the rest of our business” – Jessica Hogan, Banksia Gifts, Operations Manager.

Following a Google search, the Banksia Gifts team discovered Signet and their wide range of eco-friendly packaging solutions. 

“Being able to search for exactly what we need in terms of size and packaging solution has been great for us. The turnaround time has also been amazing, we receive our orders within 48 hours, which has greatly improved our pack and send time by 54%.”

After replacing their packaging with Signet’s greener alternatives, the Banksia Gifts team observed a notable reduction in their plastic waste, highlighting the positive impact of this switch.

Banskia Gift PackBanskia Gift Pack

“One of our most obvious changes includes switching from using plastic bags to compostable bin liners. Originally we would line up to 70 orders a week in plastic, which, over a year would equate to up to 200kg of waste, something we proudly no longer contribute to. We also originally filled each carton with tightly packed, scrunched-up paper to protect our giftware pods. Now we just tip in the BioFill, reducing our packing time by 80%.”

Banksia Gifts ships more than 70 customer and wholesale orders per week using Signet’s products. Each order is placed in a Shipping Carton and lined with Signet's Own Compostable Bin Liners to stop any oil from seeping through and damaging the box. 100% recyclable Kraft Paper and Newswrap is then used as void-fill product protection with Signet’s eco-friendly BioFill going on top to keep everything safe and secure.

Signet’s Compostable Bin Liners are made from 100% GMO-free renewable material Cornstarch that ensures the item can break down within 90 days following its disposal. BioFill is a biodegradable alternative to plastic packing peanuts, providing superior shock absorption for products in transit and dissolving completely in water following their use. Each order is packed in one of Signet’s Shipping Cartons which are made using 100% recyclable materials to create strong and durable cardboard. 

Banksia Gifts ProductsBanksia Gifts Products

Banskia Gifts are proud to keep all of their production onshore and celebrate the support network of Australian businesses like Signet. 

“As a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, it's great to source from other Aussie companies like Signet. We love being part of Australia’s economy, supporting our broader community and culture.” 

For more information regarding Signet’s Sustainable Packaging range, call and speak to one of our team members at 13 7446, email, Live Chat with us at or submit an enquiry below.

Signet is proud to support Banksia Gifts and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures. 

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