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How to choose the right Packaging Tape: Different types and their uses

Using the right kind of Packaging Tape makes all the difference when packing, shipping and storing items. 

From Hand Packaging Tape to Machine Packaging Tape, Warning Tapes and Accessories, knowing their ins and outs will help ensure your goods arrive securely to their destination!  Although with so many kinds of Packaging Tape on the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Have no fear! We’ve broken down the different types of Packaging Tapes and their uses, so you can select the best option for you!  

Person sealing carton with hand packaging tape with packaging tape dispenserPerson sealing carton with hand packaging tape with packaging tape dispenser

Hand Packaging Tape 

Hand Packaging Tape is easy to apply, with a low initial cost, so you can secure your products quickly and efficiently! Signet’s range of Hand Packaging Tape includes four different types of adhesives; Rubber, Acrylic, Hot Melt and Plant-Based Starch, meaning we’ve got you covered no matter your needs! 

Rubber Hand Tapes 

Starting with the basics, we have the most common tape on the market; Rubber Adhesive Tapes. The rubber solvent adhesive performs well on most cardboards, it's easy to use and will help keep your cartons fastened tight during their journey! Signet has a variety of Rubber Adhesive Tapes, from our best-selling Signet’s Own, to Vibac and tesa branded tapes. Also available are our Heavy-Duty Packaging Tapes which have a higher tensile strength, an ideal solution for your heavier items! All Rubber Tapes can be used with a standard Packing Tape Dispenser, just make sure your tapes core is a suitable fit for your dispenser.  

Signet's Own Rubber Hand Packaging TapeSignet's Own Rubber Hand Packaging Tape
Signet's Own Acrylic Hand Packaging TapeSignet's Own Acrylic Hand Packaging Tape

Acrylic Hand Tapes 

Acrylic Adhesive Tapes thrive in low temperature environments. Whether you’re storing your cartons in cool rooms, fridges or freezers, or shipping cold products, Acrylic Tape is your best bet! The water-based adhesive will reliably seal your cartons and keep your goods nice and secure. Signet's range of Acrylic Tapes include Signet’s Own and tesa. Like rubber tapes, these can also be used with a standard Packing Tape Dispenser.  

Hot Melt Hand Tapes 

Hot Melt Tapes are a great alternative to natural rubber packaging tape. Made from synthetic rubber, this cost-effective tape will provide a high initial tack and tensile strength so you can ship your goods without worry! Lower in cost than natural rubber tapes, this product is ideal for use on recycled shipping cartons. You won’t be short for choice with Signet offering different brands such as Signet’s Own and 3M. All Hot Melt Tapes are easy to use with our range of Packaging Tape Dispensers.  

Signet's Own Hot Melt Hand Packaging TapeSignet's Own Hot Melt Hand Packaging Tape
Signet's Own Kraft Paper TapeSignet's Own Kraft Paper Tape

Paper Hand Tapes 

If you’re after an eco-friendly option, look no further than our Paper Tapes! Kraft Paper Tape is recyclable, made from recycled or renewable resources, and a durable eco-friendly alternative to plastic tape. Not only that, but Kraft Paper Tape also produces a neat, kraft finish that customers will love! Easy to use with our Magnum Dispensers, we stock Signet’s Own, as well as tesa Kraft Tape.

Top Tip: The silent release coat of the Signet's Own Kraft Paper Tape means it cannot be overlapped onto itself when sealing. 

Water Activated Tape

A new eco front runner to the game is Signet’s Water Activate Tape (WAT), a 100% recyclable paper tape that provides the security and strength of traditional packaging tape without the plastic! Signet also offers WAT with reinforced fibres for extra strength and security. The plant-based starch adhesive is easily activated by applying moisture with a damp sponge to create a strong and superior seal. Alternatively, use with the Water Activated Tape Dispenser for optimal application.  

Signet's Own Water Activated Tape RollSignet's Own Water Activated Tape Roll

Machine Packaging Tape 

Machine Packaging Tape has become a must-have for established businesses with a high-volume supply chain. Both affordable and easy to use, Machine Packaging Tape is an invaluable tool that can help your business reduce packing time and costs significantly. 

Signet Machine TapeSignet Machine Tape

Signet’s Machine Tapes come in Rubber, Acrylic and Hot Melt adhesives, and are available in Signet’s Own, Tesa and 3M brands. They have the same properties as their Hand Tape alternatives, and their reliable seals provide protection against the wear and tear of shipping! Roll sizes vary between 1000m to 2000m and are designed specifically for use in conjunction with a tape machine.

Warning Tape 

Warning Tapes offer an effective and efficient way to safeguard fragile and special items in transit. They are well-suited for a wide variety of packing applications and can be used to not only secure cartons but also help identify their contents quickly and easily! Some of Signet’s most popular Warning Tapes include; Fragile, Handle with Care, Security Seal, and Top Load Only.  

Signet Fragile Warning TapeSignet Fragile Warning Tape

When it comes to choosing the right Packaging Tape, the key is to evaluate all factors including usage, transport methods, product weight and fragility, to help find the most suitable tape for you!  

To learn more Signet’s range of Packaging Tapes, check out our Packaging Tape Hub or reach out to our customer service team on 13 7446, email, Live chat with us at or submit an enquiry below.   

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