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Charcuterie Board

Signet's Sustainable Packaging helps The Fifth Design eliminate 100% of plastic packaging and reduces packing time by 10%

Artisanal homewares brand, The Fifth Design, eliminates plastic from their supply chain by moving their packaging to Signet’s eco-friendly solutions, streamlining their processes, and sustainably enhancing their unboxing experience to achieve better brand cohesion. 

Built on the belief that art should not be limited to museums and galleries; Founder and Director Lauren O’Meara took her creative talents and passion for sharing beautiful moments with those around her to launch her family-owned business, The Fifth Design. The Fifth Design is made up of a small team of artisans that proudly create one-of-a-kind timber and resin homewares, including chopping boards, coasters and cheese knives; taking art off the walls and onto the tables of customers around the world.

As everything crafted by The Fifth Design team is sustainably made to last with locally sourced timbers, Lauren found that her original, plastic packaging didn't reflect her brand's efforts towards product longevity and a more eco-conscious future.

“We make everything to the highest quality and are proud of the longevity of our products, therefore, we wanted to remove 100% of plastic from our packaging to find better brand alignment.” Lauren O’Meara – The Fifth Design, Founder and Director

The Fifth Design Coasters and Cheese KnifeThe Fifth Design Coasters and Cheese Knife

Following a successful Google search, Lauren found Signet’s wide range of eco-friendly packaging, that also aesthetically aligned with her brand's natural colour palette.

Lauren and her team switched out their traditional plastic packaging with Signet’s eco-friendly alternatives, including Signet’s 100% recyclable Geami Kraft Honeycomb Paper and Shipping Cartons, as well as Signet’s Compostable Mailing Bags, and plastic-free Kraft Paper Packaging Tape which doesn’t need to be removed from packaging to be recycled.

Signet’s Geami Kraft Honeycomb Paper is a 100% recyclable alternative to plastic bubble wrap. It is made from recyclable and renewable FSC paper that can easily be reused or recycled after use. Its unique die-cut paper expands to a 3D honeycomb structure that provides the same protective characteristics and cushioning of bubble wrap for more fragile products in transit. Signet’s Compostable Mailing Bags are another environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic mailers and are made from cornstarch and other compostable materials that break down after 90 days. All sizes of Signet’s Shipping Cartons are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials, which are sealed by Kraft Paper Packaging Tape, a lightweight 100% recyclable alternative to plastic tape which is 130um - thicker than other paper tapes in the market, providing superior strength and quality.

Since making the switch to Signet’s sustainable packaging, The Fifth Design have been able to eliminate 100% of plastic from their supply chain while increasing operational efficiency by 10!

“Thanks to Signet, we’ve been able to achieve our goal of a 100% plastic-free supply chain by replacing our traditional plastic packaging with recyclable and compostable alternatives. The aesthetics of our packaging have also hugely improved, as we stamp our logo directly onto Signet’s natural-coloured cartons, mailers and paper, eliminating the need to have external materials or pamphlets created. This change has helped us keep more things in-house and reduce packaging time by about 10%!”

Charcuterie BoardCharcuterie Board

Signet’s quick delivery time has also been a huge advantage for The Fifth Design team who have recently opened themselves up to receiving larger, corporate gift orders.

“In addition to helping us achieve our sustainability goals and improve our packaging aesthetics, Signet usually delivers the next day, so we know that if a massive custom order comes in, we've got a supplier who has us covered, it’s just such a huge point for any small business.” 

To learn more about Signet’s Sustainable Packaging range, call and speak to one of our team members at 13 7446, email, Live Chat with us at or submit an enquiry below. 

Signet is proud to support The Fifth Design and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.  

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