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Swinburne Bookshop

Swinburne Bookshop saves 30% since switching to Signet

Swinburne Bookshop Co-op experience significantly faster delivery and 30% savings on Thermal Rolls since switching to Signet.

The Swinburne Bookshop Co-Operative has been in business since 1978 servicing Swinburne’s teachers, students, and members of the wider community. 

Swinburne Bookshop Co-Op partnered with Signet nearly ten years ago when they were searching for a trustworthy supplier that could offer competitive pricing and next day delivery.

“We get super busy at the start of the semester, and we were in desperate need of a quick and reliable supplier for our everyday consumables. Our previous supplier couldn’t deliver on this.” – Jess Annowsky, Swinburne Bookshop Co-Op’s Purchasing Officer.

Swinburne Bookshop Co-Op uses Signet’s durable Jiffy Bags to protect their textbooks and merchandise in transit nationwide and globally. University textbooks don’t come cheap, so the team do everything they can do ensure their products arrive at their destination damage-free.

“We started using Signet’s Jiffy Bags over ten years ago to protect our books from moving around and tearing in transit. Textbooks are notoriously heavy, so the well-cushioned and sturdiness of the bags work well for us; we haven’t had any transit damages since introducing them into our shipping process.”

At the start of 2019, the Bookshop was facing problems with the thermal printing rolls used in their registers. The printing would last only a couple of months, which was an issue when printing out gift vouchers which are valid for 12 months, or if a customer needed to return an item. They decided to try Signet’s consumables and found they could save 150 dollars per order on a higher quality product.

Signet's Thermal Receipt RollsSignet's Thermal Receipt Rolls

“Since switching to Signet’s product, we’ve seen cost savings of 30% across our Thermal printing rolls and Jiffy Bags. Coupled with the consistent and fast delivery, purchasing with Signet has been a great experience and increased our purchasing efficiencies.”

If you’d like to speak with a Signet team member about a shipping solution for your business, call our Sales Team on 137446, email, or Live Chat with us by visiting

Signet is proud to support Swinburne Co-op Bookshop and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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