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De Lorenzo Flatlay

De Lorenzo Hair record zero LTI's in one year with the help of Signet

Using Signet’s safety products, iconic Australian haircare brand, De Lorenzo, has remained lost time injury-free (LTI-free) for one year, while also maintaining the highest standards in ISO 9001 Quality Management and Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in its distribution and manufacturing spaces.

De Lorenzo Hair has been a family-owned Aussie company for over 30 years. With two generations of experience in the haircare industry, the De Lorenzo family is passionate about keeping manufacturing in Australia.

Signet’s ISO rated safety products are used in their Silverwater site procedures, which oversees the manufacturing and distribution of an average of 50 tonnes of product per week. This product is then distributed to professional salons and selected wholesalers across the country.

The De Lorenzo’s partnership with Signet began over 20 years ago when De Lorenzo was seeking a reputable supplier – one that could supply products that consistently met Australian safety standards.

De Lorenzo purchases 3M Respirators from Signet to protect against hazards and contamination in the manufacturing and laboratory areas. Signet’s Ansell Hyflex Gloves are used for more heavy-duty applications involving machinery where grip, dexterity, and laceration protection are required.

“The Ansell Hyflex Gloves are used by our packers and manufacturing staff because they provide the comfort, safety, grip, and durability required.” —Kamil Fajloun, DLH Production and Maintenance Leader.

Various gloves hangingVarious gloves hanging

These two PPE products from Signet play an essential part in the prevention of LTI’s – an injury sustained by an employee that leads to a loss of productive work time.

“Protecting the people in our distribution and manufacturing teams while maintaining quality management is important to us. We are proud to be one-year LTI-free and know we can source the PPE we need to maintain these results from Signet.”

De Lorenzo’s operations follow ISO 9001 and GMP, which means that several process initiatives are conducted throughout their operations to maintain the highest standards in quality management. De Lorenzo achieves this by keeping track of safety incidents and ensuring injury avoidance procedures are implemented, including wearing appropriate safety gear.

"Our ISO and GMP certifications require our workers to not only wear safety gear of the highest Australian standards, but it has to be the right fit and provide the correct level of protection for the job. We know we can always get what we need from Signet.”

Signet stock a large range of safety supplies including the highest quality ISO rated gear, from some of the world’s leading brands.

If you’d like to speak to a Signet staff member about our Safety Range, call us on 137446, email, or Live Chat with us by visiting

Signet is proud to support De Lorenzo Hair and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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