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Uluru Camel Cup

Uluru Camel Cup: The race that stops the Outback

From the Darwin Beer Can Regatta to the Port Lincoln Tuna-rama festival, we think we’ve found the most quintessential Aussie event to put on your bucket list.

Here at Signet we love getting behind the Aussie competitive spirit and anyone having a ripper of a time while they’re at it!

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Signet is now a major sponsor of the Uluru Camel Cup.

Often referred to as the ‘Melbourne Cup of the outback’, set in the small town of Yulara NT, these locals know how to put on a camel race! Kicked off on a hump day, the Uluru Camel Cup is becoming an annual spectacle in central Australia.

“A group of friends were sitting around having a beer, having a yarn thinking: ‘What can we do for our community, to bring back that fun outdoor spirit in this little town of Yulara?’ So I guess you could say the Uluru Camel Cup was born from a beer." Lisa Evans, Founder.

Hike around UluruHike around Uluru

Overlooking one of the world’s most recognisable icons, for one weekend of the year, Uluru is not the showstopper around this town. Instead, all eyes are on the camel races – with one camel trotting away as the winner of the Uluru Camel Cup.

Adrenaline is high as the camels leave the ‘Signet Start Gates’, with some camels trotting around the track at more than 30kms per hour. Other camels prefer to pigroot around the track, stopping for some hay on the way to the finish line.

“Finding a good racing camel is tricky, there are a lot of camels that go out there and look the part, but you have to find a camel that has a good heart, that really wants to pick up the speed and get the adrenaline rushing.” — Chris Hill, Founder.

It’s the irreverent sense of humour of the locals, their down-to-earth attitude, and mateship that showcases the true Aussie spirit, something Signet holds close to its roots.

The Uluru Camel Cup is an event that brings the whole community together and Signet is also proud to supply the event with a variety of supplies to make the event the best party in the outback. It’s one day of the year where the whole town stops and Signet is proud to get behind these local legends and support the race that stops central Australia.

Uluru Camel Cup CamelsUluru Camel Cup Camels

Camels saddled up and ready to race.

Signet is proud to support the Uluru Camel Cup and 60,000 other Australian ventures.

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