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The Pool Tile Company achieves a 98% damage-free delivery rate and eliminates transit theft on orders.

Partnering with Signet since the opening of their business in 2002, The Pool Tile Company uses Signet’s secure packaging solutions to achieve a 98% damage-free delivery rate, with packaging alternatives to cater to every order.

Since opening in 2002, The Pool Tile Company has grown to become one of Australia's largest suppliers of pool and outdoor tiles, coping, pavers and more. They send orders all over Australia from their two warehouses and service their customers through two beautiful showrooms, as well as an expanding fleet of mobile showrooms on the East Coast. 

Priding themselves on their high-quality products, paired with innovative thinking and good old-fashioned service, the team at The Pool Tile Company needed to ensure that their tiles could be safely packed to ship around Australia without the risk of breakages or theft in transit. 

“We sell our products directly to consumers, as well as to our wholesale suppliers. This means that we deal with a huge variety of orders in varying shapes and sizes. Therefore, we needed to source a packaging supplier that, regardless of what order came in, would have exactly what we needed to ensure our tiles arrived to our customers in perfect condition.” Tim Roff - The Pool Tile Company, Warehouse Manager.

Familiar with Signet within the packaging industry, The Pool Tile Company team chose to work with Signet to achieve their packaging goals of safely delivering their tiles to customers all around Australia.

“We’ve had fantastic results with our packaging from the very beginning. Tiles are extremely fragile and require lots of care in packing and transit. Using many of the same packaging solutions since we began sourcing from Signet, we’ve been able to achieve (and maintain) a 98% damage-free delivery rate on our orders! The remaining 2% of damages have only ever been related to external factors, like incorrect stacking or forklift loading.”

For palletised stock, The Pool Tile team use Polyfoam, a lightweight packing material that is water resistant and 100% recyclable to protect tiles that are packed together. They then use PET Strapping, a safer alternative to steel strapping that is made from post-consumer waste to restrain tiles to pallets. Once the pallet is stacked, the team use Black or Clear Pallet Wrap to keep the product discreet and protect it from the weather.

“In addition to protecting our stock from weather, we’ve had a 0% theft rate by using Signet's Black Pallet Wrap which helps conceal the contents of any pallets that we know might be required to stay stacked out on site for longer periods.” 

Signet has been proud to support The Pool Tile team for over 20 years and provide them with packaging solutions to safely deliver their products in perfect condition.

“Overall, Signet is an extremely reliable supplier, their quality of goods, level of customer service, and the reliability of orders being delivered in full, and in a short time frame, makes them our go-to for packaging solutions.”

To learn more about Signet’s secure packaging range, call and speak to one of our team members at 13 7446, email, live chat with us at or submit an enquiry below.

Signet is proud to support The Pool Tile Company and over 60,000 Aussie ventures.

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