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Safety Signs

Choosing the Right Safety Signs

Signet’s Safety Signs include a range of Caution, Danger, Notice, Prohibition, Mandatory and Statutory signage for offices, warehouses, factories or worksites. All Signet signs are produced to the highest quality and manufactured in a HACCP accredited facility to Australian standards 1319 (AS 1319).

What is AS 1319?

This standard sets out the requirements for the design and use of safety signs in an occupational environment. These safety signs are intended to regulate and control safety behaviour, warn staff of hazards and to provide emergency information.

To comply with AS1319 you must consider the environment, lighting and viewing distance – these factors will determine the size of sign required to suit your application.

Ensuring that the appropriate Safety Signs are used is key to effectively communicate hazards and general and instructional information to employees and visitors.


Warning Signs let employees know that there is potential for injury, even if the conditions are not life-threatening. Usually, with a yellow background and black triangle around the hazard symbol and black wording.

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Danger Signs warn employees of a hazard or hazardous condition that is likely to be life-threatening. The word ‘Danger’ is featured inside a red oval inside a black rectangle with supporting instructions.

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Notice Signs alert people in the area of certain rules that are in place to keep them safe, mitigate disruptions to operations, and streamline actions. These signs often feature company information or house-keeping instructions.

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Prohibition Signs let employees and visitors know what they absolutely must not do. These signs are usually recognisable with a big, red circle with a diagonal line through the middle and supporting wording.

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These signs indicate the location of emergency related facilities, or how to get to them. These signs have a white symbol and/or text on either an easily identifiable green or red background.

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The implementation of traffic signs help manage risks that arise from high-traffic movement and keep vehicles and pedestrians apart.

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Fire Safety Signs are designed to be easily identified in a workplace with their white imagery or wording over a red or light blue background that could be a triangle, rectangle or circle. These signs indicate the location of fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, alarms, fire hoses, or other accessories.

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Commonly used to signify PPE, Mandatory Signs are in place to set out instructions that need to be followed for the safety of workers. For example, “FOOT PROTECTION MUST BE WORN” or “HAIR PROTECTION MUST BE WORN”. These signs are commonly used as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) signs and feature a white image in a blue circle on a white rectangle. This sign is featured  on construction, manufacturing sites and industrial areas.

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