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Honeycomb Padded Mailer 380mm x 480mm - (50 per carton)

380mm x 480mm
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Signet’s Honeycomb Mailers are the eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble padded mailers.

They are made from kraft paper with a superior honeycomb cushioning that provides protection and eliminates the need for additional protective packaging. Signet’s Honeycomb Padded Mailers come in three sizes to suit products of any shape and size. The interior double kraft honeycomb paper padding provides the protection required while eliminating the need for additional internal protective packaging. Being made from 100% paper means that these Mailer Bags are fully recyclable, so they can be placed in your kerbside recycling bin and continue on their eco journey. Signet's Honeycomb Mailers help eCommerce retailers, Biome and Pineapple Traders sustainably send their items to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

Main Benefits:

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  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable .
  • Made from Kraft paper, these padded mailers are a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble mailers. .
  • The interior double kraft honeycomb paper padding that provides protection during transit, to help your product arrive in great condition.

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What is the Honeycomb Mailer Bags made from?

Signet's Honeycomb Mailers are made entirely from paper that is responsibly sourced and carries the FSC certification.

How does the Honeycomb Mailer Bags work?

Pick a size that is suitable for your package, place the product inside the Honeycomb Mailer, remove the paper adhesive cover, and seal. The mailer is ready to send.

What sizes to do Honeycomb Mailer Bags come in?

  • Small mailer: 235mm X 280mm
  • Medium mailer: 260mm X 340mm
  • Large size mailer: 380mm X 480mm

How do I recycle the Honeycomb Mailer Bags?

Every part of Signet's Honeycomb Mailer is recyclable, so there is no waste. It can be put in any kerbside recycling bin and the materials will be broken down and reused.

What kind of protection will the Honeycomb Mailer Bags provide?

The unique die-cut shape of the honeycomb protective paper is an eco-friendly and effective alternative to bubble wrap. Two layers of the honeycomb paper padding is used in between a heavy-duty kraft outer layer to provide the product protection you need to ensure your product arrives in perfect condition. This built-in protection means you can skip manually wrapping your product in protective packaging - saving time, effort, and costs.

How many Honeycomb Mailer Bags come in each carton?

  • Small - 100 per carton
  • Medium - 100 per carton
  • Large - 50 per carton