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The Strapping section is home to a range of different strapping in  varied materials as well as the tools and accessories needed to use  the strapping more efficiently. The trusted brands available include Signet, Signet’s Own, Signode, Siat, MIP and Bargain. 

What are the different types of strapping available? 
Signet offers 4 main types of strapping including polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping, steel strapping and polywoven strapping

Polyester strapping is a lightweight yet strong strap made out of polyester. It has no sharp edges which increases safety when applying and removing the strapping. It also offers a high shock absorbing capacity which allows for strap tension to be maintained throughout handling, storage and shipment. 

Polypropylene strapping is a light – medium duty strapping made out of polypropylene. It is light, flexible and easy to use by hand, however there are machine sizes available. 

Steel strapping is the heavy duty strapping alternative due to its high tensile strength and minimal stretch properties. It is available in a range of widths and thicknesses as well as different coatings.

Poly-woven strapping can be used as a safer alternative to steel strapping as it is designed to sustain similar break loads, while having no sharp edges. It is lightweight and reusable and can be re-tensioned at any time. 

What is the difference between the 3 types of steel strapping?
The 3 different types of steel strapping are black steel strap; zinc coated steel strap and apex steel strap.

Black steel strapping is the basic and economic choice for general use steel strapping. It is made with rounded edges to make it safer to use, while it is also ribbon wound for easier dispensing.

Zinc coated steel strapping has the same general design as the black steel strap with an added zinc coating. This coating provides increased rust resistance for adverse weather conditions which takes the strapping ideal for long term or external storage. 

Apex Steel is known as the industry standard for ‘standard grade’ steel strapping. It is a painted and waxed steel strap which gives the strap has a smoother transmission through strapping tools. As with the black steel and zinc coated strapping, it is ribbon wound and has rounded edges for safety. 

What does “break load” mean and what are the different strappings’ break loads?
“Break load” indicates the total weight that the strap can support before it breaks or snaps. 
  • Polypropylene strapping’s break load is between 90kg – 180kg depending on the width purchased
  • Polyester strapping has a break load between 265kg – 620kg depending on the width purchased
  • Steel strapping offers a break load of 432kg – 904kg depending on the width purchased
  • Polywoven strapping is designed with a break load between 350kg and 1000kg depending on the width purchased

Do you have an environmentally friendly strapping available?
Yes. Polyester strapping is the environmentally friendly strapping alternative as it can be recycled after use. 

Do you have tools that make strapping application easier and quicker?
Yes. Signet offers a range of tensioners, crimpers, cutters and dispensers which help to make the strapping process more efficient and can achieve better results than if the strapping is applied by hand. Each strapping has tools to suit which are also designed for the different sizes of strapping available. 
Signet also has a range of strapping machines for higher volume users  which can help to automate the process.