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Plastic Wrap & Stretch Films

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The Plastic Wrap and Stretch Films category has a plastic film solution for all applications. One of Signet’s marquee product areas, each item is made to the highest quality standards with performance guaranteed.

What is the difference between Blown pallet wrap and Cast pallet wrap?

Blown and Cast stretch wrap are made very differently which gives each film unique properties.

Cast film is designed to be high clarity which is ideal for scanning  barcodes through the film. It is also virtually silent to apply which helps to reduce workplace noise.

Blown film is made with enhanced durability; it is stretchable in both directions (Cast film can only be stretch length-ways) and is tear and puncture resistant. It is also hi-tack which helps the film stick to the pallet of goods, or onto itself.

What other pallet wrap options are available?

Aside from the two main types there are other specialised pallet wraps available. These include: Ultimate film, Security wrap, coloured wrap, Pre-stretched wrap, Degradable pallet wrap, Anti-static wrap, Air Flow wrap and Extra strength UV wrap.

Are there accessories to make pallet wrapping easier?

Aside from machine pallet wrap, most stretch film is designed to be applied by hand. The rolls of wrap can be used without accessories, but there are options available to make the process easier.

The baseline option is Roll Holders which are plastic ends that get inserted into the end of pallet wrap rolls. These stop the roll’s core from damaging the user’s hand.

There are Hand Pallet Wrappers which offer handles with rubber grip and adjustable tension. These are ideal for Occupational Health  and Safety (OH&S) as they reduce the strain on hands and back from continuous bending and twisting. 

Another OH&S option is the Nelson Long Handle Pallet Wrapper which eliminates the need to bend or reach on high and low height pallets. It also has a hand break to ensure optimum wrapping.

Do you have an environmentally friendly pallet wrap?

Yes. The Degradable pallet wrap is 100% degradable and is  ultimately biodegradable (the film breaks down to harmless biomass,  water and CO2 after a year in landfill). It is designed to  perform at the same levels as standard stretch wrap, however will start to disintegrate after a few months if stored in temperatures above 30°C.

What Shrink film options are available?

Shrink film is an alternative to wrapping pallets and products with pallet wrap or bundling film. There are several options available to suit different sized items and varied applications.

Continuous Tube allows the user to custom cut the shrink wrap for  pallets with varied heights.

Laundry Vitafilm is a PVC film that is designed for industrial  laundries as it resists water and protects fabrics from dust and dirt.

Cryovac films are designed to have superior strength at thinner  gauges as they are biaxial-oriented and cross-linked.

PVC shrink film is highly glossy and transparent to provide the best results, and shrinks at a low temperature to reduce energy usage.