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Polypropylene is a lightweight and rigid product that meets FDA approval. It has excellent chemical resistance, a high corona level for high-quality printing, and is recyclable. Our Polypropylene signs come with rounded corners and four drilled corner mounting holes. Signs can also be supplied with 10mm corner eyelets for easy mounting on request. Best suited for on-site signage being mounted on to a solid surface.
Our Self-Adhesive Vinyl signs and labels are all printed on extremely durable film that will adhere to virtually any clean, dry surface. Adhesive Vinyl can be distinguished by its superior processing properties and its ability to retain adhesion over a long period of time. Suitable for when you wish to apply signs or labels directly onto a hard surface, Self-Adhesive Vinyl is well suited to curved or rough surfaces.
ALUMINIUM (1.6mm - Marine Grade)
All our Aluminium signs are made on marine-grade aluminium that will not rust. This material is ideal for applications where resistance to corrosion and strength are a must. Aluminium signs can have reflective sheeting applied for day/night use. Best used for internal, on-site carpark and road signs, Aluminium is a premium material perfect for critical signage that needs to maintain its look and integrity for a long period of time.
Colorbond Metal is the perfect solution when magnetic overlay messages are required to be applied to your sign. Not as rigid as Alucopanel, this material has some flex and is more suitable for solid walls, framed signage or visual message boards. All metal signs come with rounded corners and four corner mounting holes. Metal signs can have reflective sheeting applied for day/night use and are suitable for application to solid walls or for framed and visual message boards.
Alucopanel is a lightweight composite material containing two aluminium cover sheets and a core made from polyethylene. Alucopanel is very rigid and strong while being more lightweight and more economical than 1.6mm Aluminium. All signs made on this material can be made with an optional UV laminate to increase their lifespan outdoors. Alucopanel can be used for any applications where a rigid, hard-wearing sign is required. Perfect for display and front fascia signage.
Corflute is a lightweight, water-resistant polypropylene corrugated sheet that is recyclable. Corflute is a low-cost, durable material suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This product also has excellent resistance to chemicals. More rigid than solid polypropylene, but flexible enough to mount on slightly curved surfaces, Corflute is ideal for short-term outdoor use, especially for temporary applications, such as construction and building sites. Signet offers a 3mm and 5mm Corflute options to suit your needs and budget.

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