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Choosing a pallet wrap or stretch film can be a difficult decision. With a choice of coloured, blown, cast, hand, and machine wraps (just to name a few) — it can be tricky to pick the right solution.

Pallet wrap plays a critical role in most warehouses across the country. It is a key component to minimising the risk of damage to your pallets during transportation. If the incorrect pallet wrap or stretch film is used or is applied to the load incorrectly, there could be consequences such as:

  • Costs to the company, including return costs, repacking costs, replacement costs, and future revenue loss if the customer chooses to source the product elsewhere
  • Damage to the products
  • Damage to vehicles, and an increased chance of accidents, if the pallet was to move and create instability

Signet stock a range of pallet wrap or stretch film solutions, whether you need to bundle small items together or wrap a larger pallet. Our range includes blown wrap, cast wrap, ultimate film, coloured wrap, security wrap, and bundling film.

To help you choose the best solution for your needs, view our infographic below.