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Just because a pallet looks stable, does not mean it is. When pallets are wrapped incorrectly, this could cause instability and movement which can ultimately lead to injury or worse.

Below are 8 questions to ask yourself to make your load safer.

8 stretch film questions to ask yourself to make your load safer

The following steps play key roles in stabilsing your pallets and create a safer working environment for every party in the supply chain.

  1. Do I understand the pallet? – How much does it weigh? What is on the pallet? How are the goods stacked and configured?
  2. Do I have the right wrap for my application? – Not all stretch films are built the same, make sure you know the specification of your film and how it behaves.
  3. Do I have the right wrapping configuration? – Is the film overlapped correctly? How many layers have I put around the pallet?
  4. Have I achieved the optimum stretch? – Manual and automated (machine) wrapping techniques will have different stretch outcomes, make sure you know which one you need.
  5. Has all unnecessary elasticity been eliminated when wrapping the pallet? – Unnecessary film elasticity can cause goods to shift on the pallet in transit which can lead to product damage or injury.
  6. What are the conditions of the journey? – How far is the pallet travelling? How many times will it be handled? What are the roads like? Is it going by truck, air or boat?
  7. Do I have the right hand-wrapping method or machine for the job?
  8. Is the tension of the film enough to contain the load?