Canmaster Smash Volume 2

Canmaster Smash & 60,000 Aussies have joined the meeting

Since 2019, Signet has supported Canmaster Smash, an Australian Artist inspired by industrial sounds. In turn he's supported us by 'banging on' about our products. It's a beautiful thing!

Because Signet also supports 60,000 Aussie businesses, who support us by using our products, we thought it would be great to get them and Canmaster Smash together on the same bill.

True to 2020 form, this collab could only happen via socially-distanced video conference technology. Like any video conference meeting, ours was not without issue, but the end result... well... while it's more of an 'Enthus-ical' than a 'Musical', it's definitely a banger!

Whether our customers had Signet warehouse supplies, site supplies, eCommerce supplies or eco-packaging supplies to play on, they gave them a bash, and our hit products are now part of the ultimate 2020's Greatest Hits mash-up performance (that we know of).

Proving that whatever weirdness gets thrown at us in 2021, we'll smash it! After all, we're all in this together. No literally... check out the video!

Signet proudly supports Canmaster Smash and over 60,000 Aussie ventures.