Signet is very proud to introduce you to (Ware)House Music drumming sensation, 'Canmaster Smash'. We think he's the best thing to hit our factory floor since forklifts!

Signet is very proud to introduce you to (Ware)House Music drumming sensation, 'Canmaster Smash' At Signet, we've always been about helping Aussies compete and getting behind Canmaster Smash is just another example.

Canmaster Smash, grew up on the coast of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. He picked up the sticks at the age of 13, after receiving an old drum kit from a family friend. He spent many hours after school creating banging beats in the back shed - never taking a single lesson.

Canmaster Smash love of abstract music was the catalyst that sparked his experimentation with everyday objects. He was perplexed by the unusual sounds he created and went on to share his music on the streets of Australia.

We challenged 'Canmaster Smash' to play using Signet products and promised to help take his music to the world. In return, he's transforming our product and price listings into literal music to your ears.

Signet proudly supports Canmaster Smash and 60,000 other Aussie businesses.

  • Vented Helmet

Scott Safety Vented Helmet $11.56 per hat

Adjustable head band allows perfect fit regardless of head size and shape.

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Signet's Own Safety Vest $5.19 per vest

Highly visible lime/yellow vests are made from breathable, lightweight polyester.

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Economy Contour Knee Pads $27.36 per pair

Lightweight and low-profile design, with straps to add stability and adjust for a custom fit.

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CanMaster Custom Drum Sticks From $31.75 per pair

Ideal for hitting inanimate objects, making noise and creating banging beats.

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3M 1270 Ear Plugs Reusable $237.65 per box of 100

Triple flanged design fits the ear securely and reduces need to readjust plugs during wear.

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Signet's Own Utility Safety Glasses - Clear $1.79 per pair

Polycarbonate hard coat lens that is certified to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010.

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Steel Blue Argyle Safety Boot $154.36 per pair

150mm derby style lace-up ankle boot with 200J safety steel toe cap.

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Signet's Own T-Top Bollards 1150mm $58.56 per pack of 2

An economical, safe means of indicating hazards and cordoned-off areas.

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imex Builders Line No.8 100m $6.86 per roll

Number 8 braided nylon line is strong for easy tensioning.

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Hazard Tape 75mm x 75m - Red/White $10.80 per roll

Highly visible tape made from low density 100um polyethylene.

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Anti-Slip Tread Tape $43.96 per roll

Easy to apply to primed concrete, metal and other surfaces. Ideal for stairways, work areas and hazardous floors.

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Signet's Own Hand Packaging Tape 48mm x 75m $1.29 per roll

Value for money 30 micron packaging tape offers excellent tensile strength for single strip carton sealing.

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Signet's Own Magnum Tape Dispenser - 75mm $17.09 per dispenser

Premium quality tape dispenser for 48mm - 75mm rolls.

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Signet's Own Food Grade Silicone Spray - 20L Drum $404.25 per drum

Lubricates, repels water, prevents rust and corrosion on plant equipment and tools.

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25mm x 50mm x 450mm Timber Survey Stake White $1.39 per stake

Quality hardwood stakes from Australian timber, ideal for Australian conditions

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Signet's Own Field Marking Paint 15L $70.94 per drum

Exclusively designed by Signet to provide brighter, longer lasting lines on Australian sporting fields and pitches.

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Signet's Own Spot Marking Paint From $5.75 per can

Ideal for marking out roadworks, building sites, golf courses and sporting areas.

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