Signet is proud to be the official packaging supplier of Air Guitar Australia.

Not a single air guitar has been broken on tour thanks to Signet packaging. The Jinja Assassin, 2019 Watch Video

Signet supports Air Guitar Australia

Signet has been responsible for protecting the team's air-guitars while on tour in Australia and around the world. We are proud to announce that not a single air guitar was broken while in Signet's packaging!

Signet's air guitar cases have received rave reviews from the Aussie team. "When I'm on my quest to air greatness, I only trust Signet to package my air guitars," says The Jinja Assassin.

Signet is the preferred packaging supplier for the Australian Air Guitar team.

We are proud to introduce two of the most iconic air guitar shredders on the Aussie scene: The Jinja Assassin and Lily RocknRoll.

As their official packaging supplier, Signet has supported these legends on their journey to air greatness.

Meet The Jinja Assassin.

Meet The Jinja Assassin. A Perth school teacher by day, but by night his alter ego unleashes, and he transforms into Australia's newly crowned #1 Air Guitarist.

"The Jinja Assassin is an embodiment of my alter ego, a combination of all those ginger-inspired idols that I hold close to my chest from Prince Harry to Chuck Norris,'" says The Jinja Assassin.

Lily RocknRoll is Australia's best female air guitarist.

Lily RocknRoll is Australia's best female air guitarist. Hailing from NSW, this office worker may look like a sweetheart, but when she steps on the stage, she fearlessly unleashes her inner rock goddess with every new air-solo.

Lily RocknRoll radiates confidence with every head banging air riff and does it with Signet supporting her the whole way.


The instruments of Australia's elite air athletes requires the highest protection. Signet's air guitar cases keep the Aussie teams air guitars safe while on their quest to air guitar greatness. We are proud to announce that not a single air guitar was broken on tour while in Signet's packaging!

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Road to Oulu

This air guitar is made from the freshest Oulu air! The Jinja Assassin trekked 4,357 feet up the famous Finnish Mount Halti to find this beauty.

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Otherwise known as the Prince Harry's Charm 5000. The Jinja Assassin uses this air guitar when he really wants to dazzle the ladies on stage.

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We know what you're thinking! Not Marshal Mathers, Marcel Marceau!

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Signet Air 9000

A gift from his sponsor - Signet. We hear that The Jinja Assassin uses this guitar to serenade himself and all his air groupies.


Jinja Assassin Guitar Pic

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Jinja Assassin t-shirt

Australia's least-known cult hero, The Jinja Assassin, now has his own merchandise line. Show your Jinja pride and enquire below before they vanish! Enquire Now