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Signet Pty Ltd Terms & Conditions Of Trade

1. background

A. The Customer wishes to place an order to purchase Products.

B. If Signet accepts an order to purchase Products, Signet agrees to supply those Products to the Customer on these terms and conditions.

Operative Provisions

1. Ordering

(a) The Customer may place an order for one or more of the Products for a minimum purchase of $55 (inclusive of GST).

(b) If Signet accepts an Order, then:

(i) subject to payment of the Purchase Price, Signet sells to the Customer the Products contemplated by that Order; and

(ii) the Customer buys the Products contemplated by that Order for the Purchase Price.

(c) For clarity, Signet may elect not to accept an Order.

2. Purchase Price

(a) The Customer agrees to pay the Purchase Price (including delivery fees) for the Products at the time the Order is accepted.

(b) If Signet elects not to accept an Order, then Signet will endeavour to promptly refund to the Customer any amounts paid by the Customer for that Order.

(c) Signet, or its nominated representative, will deliver the Products to the address nominated by the Customer at the time of Order ('Delivery Address'). In the event that there is no one at the Delivery Address at the time the Products are delivered, the Customer consents to the Products, where possible, being left unattended at the Delivery Address.

(d) Delivery of Products under clause 2(c) is:

(i) free to Metro Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth for all Orders of $110 (inclusive of GST) or more; and

(ii) otherwise charged at the cost of delivery for the relevant Order as specified on the Website, or if no cost of delivery is specified on the Website, at the cost of delivery charged to Signet by its freight provider for the Order.

(e) The Customer must pay the full Purchase Price for an order on issue of the official Invoice within 30 days.

3. Taxes

(a) The Customer must pay all stamp duty, taxes, duties, government charges and other taxes of a similar nature (including fines, penalties and interest) imposed, levied, assessed or payable in Australia or overseas in connection with these terms and conditions.

(b) The consideration for a Supply made under or in connection with these terms and conditions, including a Supply of Products from the 'Household Non-ABN Catalogue', includes GST.

(c) If a Supply made under or in connection with these terms and conditions is a Taxable Supply, then at or before the time the consideration for the Supply is payable, the GST Act Supplier must:

(i) give the Recipient a Tax Invoice for the Supply; and

(ii) the GST Act Supplier warrants that the Supply to which the Tax Invoice relates is a Taxable Supply and that it will remit the GST (as stated on the Tax Invoice) to the Australian Taxation Office

(d) In clauses 3(b) and 3(c):

(i) capitalised terms that are not defined in clause 12(a) have the meaning given in the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth); and

(ii) Supplier means the entity making the Supply.

4. Products

(a) The Customer must only use the Products in accordance with the applicable Specification.

(b) The Customer agrees and acknowledges that:

(i) the colour of the Products as pictured on the Website may vary depending on the Customer's computer monitor; and

(ii) the Products as pictured on the Website may vary from time to time.

5. Return of Products

(a) Without limiting clause 7, if the Customer is not satisfied with a Product, it may request replacement of or a refund for the Product by calling Signet within 31 days of the Order date.

(b) If the Customer makes a request contemplated by clause 5(a) and Signet considers that the request has been made in good faith, Signet may arrange for collection of the relevant Product from the address nominated by the Customer in the Order and in its discretion either:

(i) replace the Product; or

(ii) provide the Customer with a refund of the Purchase Price for the Product.

6. Title and Risk

(a) All Products delivered by Signet to the Customer under these terms and conditions remain the property of Signet until the Customer has paid the Purchase Price for the Products and all money due to Signet by the Customer is paid in full.