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The Stencilling products section houses all of the products needed for quick and easy stenciling to those needed for industrial stencilling applications. All of the inks and paints are made to the highest quality in Signet’s aerosol centre which means performance is guaranteed.

How is stencil spray different from the other paints?
Stencil spray is designed to be opaque, pigmented and fast drying, making it ideal for stenciling, colour coding and general marking. It can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The can has a special actuator to cover the stencil in minimal passes as well as an adjustable nozzle for horizontal and vertical coverage which increases efficiency, minimises overspray and wastage.

There are 13 colours available including: black, red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange, grey, violet, purple pink, brown and olive drab.

What kind of stencils do you have available?
There are 2 types of pre-cut stencils available: the clock-face stencil and the zinc stencil sets.

The clock-face stencil is a simple, durable blue polypropylene stencil for fast numbered stenciling. It has a centred aluminium handle to provide easy operation while no set-up or taping is required.

The zinc stencil sets are reusable, easy to clean, durable and solvent resistant. The A-Z sets and 0-9 sets are a convenient way to create your own messages. Signet permanently stocks 50mm and 75mm sizes, while other character heights can be sourced on request. 

Do you have anything besides stencil spray for marking?
Yes. There are a few options available: the stencil roller, oneshot roller oneshot brush and stencilling inks.

The stencil roller ink is light-fast, bold, permanent and opaque. It is resistant to water when dry which makes it ideal for stencilling in outdoor environments on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

The oneshot roller can use either ink (dye) or lacquer (pigment). The ink is bold, permanent and matte and is designed for applications that are protected from the weather. The lacquer is light-fast, bold, permanent and opaque which makes it ideal for stencilling in outdoor environments. Both resist water when dry.

The oneshot brush ink is bold, permanent and matte, and will resist water once dry. It is suited for general indoor stencilling; particularly Hessian bags and timber.

The stencil ink is for use with rollers on porous or non-porous surfaces. It is a pigmented, opaque ink which makes it ideal for outdoor stencilling or where a permanent mark is required.

Is there a way I can make my own stencil?
Yes. Signet offers a stencil cutter in 2 different sizes which allow you to custom make your own stencils. The machine cuts characters including A-Z and 0-9 in either a 12mm or 25mm size. This machine is perfect for frequent stencil users as the machine is heavy duty, long lasting and easy to operate. It can be used with diagraph oilboard and mylar stencil board.

What applicators do you offer?
For stencilling with ink or lacquer, Signet offers a few applicators including the stencil pad set, stencil roller and stencil roller pad.