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The Ropes and Lashing section has all the products you need for tying, splicing, securing, sewing and lashing. Each product is high quality and dependable, backed by the Signet’s Own quality guarantee.

What types of polypropylene rope do you have available?
Signet stocks 3 different types of polypropylene rope: Signet danline polypropylene rope, super danline rope and blue & yellow polypropylene rope

The Signet danline polypropylene rope is flexible, strong, durable and UV resistant which makes it ideal for manufacturing, transport, construction and recreational industries.

The super danline rope has a 50% better breaking strain than standard danline rope and has excellent anti-abrasion properties which extend its working life. 

The blue & yellow polypropylene rope, also known as “Telstra rope”, is designed and specified to be a cable hauling rope. Like danline rope it is strong, durable and UV stabilised.

What is lashing used for?
The multi-ended lashing is intended for use in abattoirs or securing goods to a pallet. There are 3 different types available to provide different levels of security: 50 ends with 1 ply lashing, 25 ends with 2 ply lashing and 25 ends with 3 ply lashing.

The polypropylene lashing is ideal for despatch and packing tasks and general bundling and tying. There are 6 sizes available for added convenience. 

What is the difference between polyethylene rope and polypropylene rope?
Polypropylene rope is a lightweight and strong rope with a smooth surface. Due to its weight it generally floats in water without absorbing water. This also makes it resistant to other types of liquids.

Polyethylene rope is similar to polypropylene rope, though it is slightly heavier and has better abrasion resistance. It has a soft lay which is ideal for splicing.

Do you have machine twine?
Yes. Signet has the Signet’s Own F28 machine twine in white. It is a polyethylene twine which can be used in tying machines including Tom or Ace Tying Machines. It is also suitable for any light weight bundling.

What sizes of sewing thread do you have available?
There are polyester sewing threads available for both hand-held sewing machines and automated sewing machines. The hand-held threads include a 6 ply 180 tex 200g cone and an 8 ply 240 tex 200g cone. There are also 2 types stocked for automated machines: an 8 ply 240 tex 2kg cone and an 8 ply 240 tex 3kg cone.