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The Protective Packaging section holds a range of solutions for safeguarding fragile items. This range includes products from trusted brands like 3M, Polycell, Ranpak, Sealed Air and Signet with premium protective packaging products, economic products and environmentally friendly products. 

What are the environmentally friendly options available?
There are several different environmentally friendly protective packaging items available. The list includes: E Bubble, Corrugated Board, Poly Foam, FillPak, PadPak, Kraft Wrapping Paper, Newswrap Sheets and Newswrap Paper Roll. These products are either made from recycled materials, able to be reused or can be recycled after use (some are all 3)

What are the different types of bubblewrap available in the large roll size?
There are several types of large bubblewrap rolls available, each with different uses and benefits. 
Barrier Bubble is a general use bubblewrap that cushions goods from shock and vibration.
E Bubble is a bubblewrap that is made from 80% recycled materials and is pre-slit to help with detaching and access. 
Anti-Static Bubble is for use with electrical items as it improves workplace safety by preventing any static charged during handling.
Polycell Bubble is another general use bubblewrap that cushions items from shock and vibration. There are pre-slit rolls as well which take the large roll more convenient to use. 
Signet also offers Poly Foam in the large roll size which is used for delicate surfaces during transit. 

Do you have a bubblewrap which can be used on electronic items?
Yes. Anti-Static bubblewrap is specially designed for use with electronic items. It protects sensitive electronic equipment from any electrostatic discharge, shock and vibration. This improves workplace safety and also reduces the cost of damaged goods. The bubblewrap is made in an easily identifiable pink colour so it does not get confused with standard bubblewrap. 

What is the best product for highly fragile items?
There are a number of products in this section which are intended for highly fragile items. The two most popular alternatives are bubblewrap and PadPak. 
Bubblewrap is known for its ability to cushion and pad items. It wraps easily around items of any shape and it suitable for interleaving and surface protection. 
PadPak is a versatile packaging product that can be used for wrapping, blocking, bracing or coiling. It is known for being economical and easy to use.
Another suggestion for small items is Instapak Quick RT which is a solid foam packaging that after a chemical reaction moulds around the item for complete protection. 

What is the most suitable item if I have limited storage space?
For those who need protective packaging but don’t have a lot of storage space available, either FillPak or Kraft Paper are recommended. 
The FillPak system was specially designed to be portable and fit neatly onto any workstation. The consumable side requires only 10% of the storage space needed to house alternative methods of void fill. 
Kraft Paper is a good alternative for those not wanting to use a machine for packaging. The paper can be scrunched or moulded into any shape required.