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The Packaging Tapes and Adhesives section offers a range of packing tapes, glues and staplers for both industry grade and general purpose sealing. Some of the quality brands available include Signet’s Own, 3M, tesa and Vibac.

What are the different types of adhesives?

Signet offers 4 different adhesive types in the packaging tape range. This includes rubber adhesive, synthetic rubber adhesive, water based acrylic and solvent based acrylic.

Rubber adhesive is the most commonly used as it is high-tack and offers a medium level of adhesion. For this adhesive, purchase Signet’s Own packaging tape or Heavy Duty packaging tape, tesa 4263 packaging tape or Vibac P30 packaging tape.

Synthetic rubber adhesive is a man-made alternative to the naturally sourced rubber adhesive. To use this tape, look for Signet’s Own Hot Melt tape or the 3M 371 packaging tape.

Water based acrylic adhesive is designed for items and boxes that are stored or transported in cold environments. To buy this adhesive check out Signet’s Own Acrylic packaging tape or tesa 4262 Acrylic packaging tape.

Solvent based adhesive is a general purpose adhesive with an ‘aggressive’ bond. The tesa 64204 coloured tape uses this adhesive.

What are the differences between the adhesives?

Rubber adhesive is for general purpose applications, and is ideal for recycled cardboard. The Synthetic rubber adhesive offers the same properties as rubber adhesive, thought it generally has a higher level of adhesion but is not as high-tack. Both of these adhesives do not perform well in cold temperatures like a cold room or freezer.

Water based acrylic is designed for performance in cold environments. As a result it doesn’t offer the same tack or performance level of rubber and synthetic rubber in a standard environment.

What is the best packaging dispenser for me?

There are 5 different tape dispensers available: the Signet’s Own Magnum dispenser, the Signet’s Own Ezi-Load dispenser, the Signet’s Own Safety dispenser, the Signet’s Own Noise Reduction dispenser and the Tear Drop dispenser.

The Magnum dispenser is a popular general use dispenser with adjustable brake for easy tensioning.

Signet’s Own Ezi-Load dispenser lives up to its name by being fast to load and lightweight, so is very easy to use.

The Safety dispenser is made with a retracting blade which minimises accidents during usage.

For a quiet tape dispenser, take a look at the Noise Reduction dispenser which is designed to reduce the noise produced by packaging tape.

If you are looking for an alternative to the pistol grip style dispenser, go for the Tear Drop dispenser. It protects the tape from nicks and cuts and is easy to use.

What are the sealing options available without using an adhesive?

For a sealing solution without a packing tape or adhesive, consider using staples. There is a different style to suit any application including a standard office stapler, the Bostitch Tacker , a Hand Top Carton stapler and several different sized industrial staplers.

Do you have printed warning tape available?

For packaging goods that require special care, there is a selection of printed tapes available. There are 2 high visibility options offered: orange with black text or white with red text. The tapes have messages printed including ‘Fragile’, ‘Top Loading Only’, ‘Glass With Care’, ‘Handle With Care’, ‘Security Seal’ and ‘Do Not Break Down Pallet’.