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The Markers section houses a host of different types of markers, from those used in general purpose marking to those that are for specific industrial applications. The wide product range includes markers from well-known brands, including Andycraft, Artline, Budget, Diagraph, Leviathan and Pentel.

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Do you have any marking pens?
Yes. Signet stocks marking pens from both Artline and Pentel to suit user preference. There are bullet point and chisel tip markers available in black, blue, red and green. You can also find markers that are Xylene and Toluene free as well as budget options.

What is a ballmarker and how does it work?
A ballmarker is a flexible plastic bottle that screws into a ball valve writing head. Ink flows through the hardened metal ball to work like an industrial ball-point pen. It leaves an opaque, permanent and bright mark on surfaces that would ruin a felt nib which makes it ideal for heavy duty industrial use. It can be used with Signet DO ink or XDO ink.

What type of crayons do you have?
There are 3 types of crayons available to offer an ink-free marking alternative.

Lumber crayons are used mostly for marking timber, but are also useful for government applications, engineering and construction.

Andy crayons are for use in damp and refrigerated conditions on timber, leather, glass, tyres and waxed cartons. There are fluoro options available as the colour is sensor recognisable with some automatic saws and dockers.

Meat marking crayons are designed for marking meat or hides. Blue and red are the colours available which are both approved for export.

Do you have the M10 pen and ink?
Yes. Signet’s M10 pen is basically a durable metal barrel which houses a felt nib. Ink is poured into the M10 pen for long-term dependable marking. The pen is highly multipurpose as it can be used with ink for either porous surfaces or non-porous surfaces, and replacement nibs are always available.

Two types of ink can be used with the M10 pen – A ink and T ink. The A ink is for marking on porous surfaces like timber while the T ink is for non-porous surfaces such as plastic.

I need something for finepoint marking – do you have anything?
Yes. Signet has 3 options for finepoint marking: the Artline 200, the Artline 700 and Pentel NMS50. The Pentel option is only available in black while both types of Artline pens are available in black, red and blue.

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