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Maintenance, Repair & Operations

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The Maintenance, Repair and Operations section houses all of the products needed for maintenance around the office, worksite and warehouse. These products are sourced from trusted brands including Signet, Signet’s Own, 3M, Altex, Duracell, Eal, Electrasafe, Hpm, Roundup, Stanley and Wd-40. 

Do you sell cable ties?
Yes. Signet offers 4 different types of cable ties. This includes light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and reusable. Each type has a streamlined design so as not to damage cable insulation, and is weather, corrosion and UV resistant to ensure high performance. They are also easy to use due to their bent tip.

What sort of industrial lubricants do you offer?
For industrial lubricating needs there is white spirit cleaner, food grade silicone spray, industrial silicone spray and WD-40

White spirit cleaner is ideal for the maintenance of electrical equipment exposed to duty warehouse conditions.

Silicone spray is used for lubricating, repelling water, preventing rust and corrosion. The food grade silicone spray is specially designed for machinery that is used near food.

WD-40 is suitable for general equipment maintenance or workshop repairs. It stops squeaks, eradicates moisture, helps to loosen rusted parts, and frees sticky mechanisms. 

What is cold zinc galvanizing used for?
Cold zinc galvinising is used as a final protective coating or primer for iron or steel that is exposed to corrosive conditions. It can be used on steel roofing, structural steel tanks, air conditioning units, marine, mining and agricultural equipment. It is designed to be flexible, non-cracking and a non-chip coat.

I need a trolley – what options do you have?
Signet has 4 trolley options available: the order picking trolley, loading trolleys, a folding hand trolley and the Signet pallet jack.

The order picking trolley makes picking easier and more efficient with a 45 litre bin and clipboard attached to the trolley. There is also a bottom shelf for larger items.

There are 2 sizes of loading trolleys available which are a simple flat bed trolley design. The smaller option has a 150kg load limit, while the larger alternative is able to hold 300kg. They have a reinforced steel platform and a non-slip surface.

The folding hand trolley is sturdy in design, but is also lightweight and can fold up to fit in a car boot.  It has solid rubber tyres and a steel base plate.

The pallet jack is easy to use with a 3 position control handle (lowering, lifting and neutral). It has a sturdy construction with standard sized fork prongs and entry and exit roller for ease of use.

What general warehouse equipment do you have?
There are a few pieces of equipment that most warehouses will need for day-to-day operating. This includes a scissor lift table/trolley, pedestal fan, industrial wall fan and container bolt cutters.