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Packing Knives are an essential item for any mail room, office or warehouse to ensure goods can be quickly and easily opened. To further investigate the products within the Packing Knife range, have a look through some frequently asked questions below.

Do you stock replacement blades for your Packing Knives?

Yes. Signet stock replacement blades for most of the Packing Knives in the range. Depending on the type of knife chosen, replacement blades can be kept in a compartment that is built into the knife ( Stanley Fat Max 10-788 Knife ) or in purpose made dispensers ( Signet's Own Heavy Duty, Signet's Own Self Retracting and the Stanley Knife )

How can I keep my hands and fingers safe when using a Packing Knife?

The Signet's Own Self Retracting and Heavy Duty Self Retracting Knives are ideal for minimising the risk of cuts or scratches. The blade will automatically retract once the cut has been made. The Stanley Fat Max 10-788 Knife has panels for improved grip and reducing the chance of fingertips slipping and causing injury. It is also important to always cut away from the body, not towards it.

What brands of knives does Signet stock?

Signet stock Packing Knives from leadings brands Stanley and the Signet's Own brand. The Signet's Own brand provides an extensive range of high quality, durable products for the office, home or warehouse.